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Becca’s new digs

Xanga’s been my platform for over three years, but since co-workers, pastors, professors, bosses, friends and relatives may :::hopeshopeshopes::: all glance at this blog over the next few months, I thought it high time to start fresh.

The week has been packed with packing. It’s been filled with filling in blocks of time to say “see you laters” to friends (never goodbye). It’s been LOST by watching episodes of LOST (why I discovered it this week is a mystery). It’s been busy with business (getting out of traffic tickets, last minute shopping, paying bills). It’s been a game of cranium and three batches of cookies (the only way to see my girl friends is hanging out while they shop and/or bake.)  And it’s been scrambled eggs for breakfast and staying in my owl pj’s too long.

It’s been almost surreal–trying to pack my life up for a few months to go to some new places I’ve never been.

This blog will be more interesting come a month from now, when I can post of Moroccan adventures and new Nairobifriends. As for now, I have only my last minute woes to complain about, my excitement to ramble on about, and my subconscious worrying to be sick about (happens 4-5 days before I leave..every year.) I trust God. Not sure how people make it through their days without doing that. But it doesn’t mean my mind always cooperates (or my stomach doesn’t hurt.) It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to drive to NYC with Nick and get on my flight. Still, “Have fun!” has felt all along like the wrong thing to hear from most of my friends before we say “see you later”.

Most of you know I’m heading to Marrakech for two weeks, then Nairobi til mid-March. Somewhere in there I’d like to go to Zanzibar.


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