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Kamau update!

Well, picking up a child from a camp is certainly complicated.

Picking up two is even harder. We’ve got to wait a bit longer (again, don’t send anything til we know we’ve got him!) 😀 Monday the papers for two kids should be finished.


As you’ve read, Kamau ran from the fighting (he saw parents, brothers and a sister killed), then rode in a trailer til police stuck him in a camp.

As you didn’t read, his brother was taken by a good Samaritan to another camp. Neither knew each other made it..but they found each other this week. They’re still at separate camps. I cant believe it. I can’t believe theyre still separated and i cant believe they are both alive and can be together.

don’t be sketched out by the dramatic awesome twist:

a.) I met the man in charge and he is great and seemingly quite honest (as is his wife),
b.) the home the boys will hopefully be in together is the nicest ive ever seen and the kids are awesome, and ill spend all day saturday there.
c.) they didnt ask me for extra funds–i think the director’s been pulling out all the stops as much as i have to get money for kamau, working hard to get funds and is trusting God will take care of both kids.

Kamau is also older than seven but looks TINY cause i think they didnt get enough to eat before…here kids who are 20 look 13, 15 look 10, 12 look 6, etc. 😦 it’s sad. I am not gonna lie, i wanted to meet him saturday, but ill take two living little boys next week as soon as the papers are signed vs. one sad little child on saturday.

so praise God! the director sounded SHOCKED and excited and tired from his long days at the camp (they distributed food and clothing there today). he was upset the kids were still separated and hates to wait until monday to sign it all officially.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support…remember to wait until we sign those papers before you send anything to the address i gave out because if anything happens, I would love to see your funds (if desired!) go towards our “feed the kids program so they dont faint” in Mwiki…Morning Star takes good care of their kids and the money we’re sending is specifically for Kamau.

Other news: Morning Star’s new site is started and more exciting than that–Carlo’s helped me make my first niiice wordpress template. actually, he made it but i’m learning a lot from his “let’s see what i can make you in one night–now just enter the content!” helpfulness and should be able to make many more morning starish sites once i understand it all. <–the key to understand in this paragraph. this is the start of something wonderful and awaited. way to go, Carlo! Chuck Norris has nothing on you.



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kamau posting

Kay, here’s the scoop. I have an address to send money to for Kamau–and because i told the director about interest from friends, he is going to “look for him.”

Now, two days ago he said he’d talk to administration and then said “we’re going to get him.” They went on the road to naivasha, which was closed for a lot of fighting. So he called last night and said, “The road’s been closed but we’re going to try to go early in the morning to get him. We’ve already been given permission to take him.”

God willing, i’ll meet Kamau on Saturday when I go to the home to collect web content. I am so excited. Still, thinking about him makes me want to cry–i cant imagine losing a loved one, let alone a mom, dad, and two brothers in one day. It’d be hard to have some stranger show up and say, “I’m taking you with me.”

Jeanette and i spent some time praying about it all today cause we knew the journey to get him starts at 8AM and we’ll hopefully hear good news today. Pray the road is open, that kamau is safe and that he isn’t too afraid but opens up to his new family.

For those who wanted to donate: we still really need everything we can get. He needs sponsorship for a LONG TIME (age 7 now). so if you said you wanted to help, or if you want to plan a fundraising event and send that in, just contact me for the address. It’s an account in TX (wells fargo) and you’ll get a tax deductable-whatever-super secure reciept.

Thanks again for prayers and support. I could write all day about how much i’ve seen God work in the situation. In other news–we’ve got another need, the one i came to help with specifically–and it’s been hard for me to request funds for kamau when we really want to raise money for a new program in mwiki (a slum near nairobi).

In Mwiki, kids have free education but are too hungry for school most days so they cant make it there without fainting, so they do not go. Most of the kids live with guardians because one parent died of aids, then a year later, the other died. We dont want to remove any kids from their loving relatives or single parents, but we want them to eat. So we’re trying to at least offer daily breakfasts and medical assistance to a manageable number of kids in the slum, trying to strengthen their families where they are now.

Dan and Ramon are helping me to kick off the first day of the program at the end of the month, and we need all the kids toys, candies and games they can fit in their suitcases from Rochester. We also (mostly) need funds so we can buy maize and beans. If anyone feels led to donate here (instead of kamau or in addition to kamau) contact me.

I’m not one to ask for funds–esp for two completely different things in a week. But it’s crunch time–the program has to be at least started somewhat before we can write any large organizations for funding. It’s the initial first few months that we really need help with. People are committed and will be very very honest with the funds received–its a great program run by honest, caring people. If we dont get what we need to have breakfasts, i’m sure all the leaders involved will still spend time visiting families and praying until we can feed them physically as well.

thanks again for reading! I’m off to teach today again (who’s been praying i can go?!) Pray for me as my illness seems to have taken a turn for the worse–you know me, i’ll keep going—but im a bit concerned i wont have any voice at all and my throat will just close up completely and ill die. joking. its a joke. anyway, prayer requests: kamau, Kenya, safety, Mwiki program, sicky. praises: too many to list…

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things got really bad last night/today and although i went into Nairobi as i do every day, not knowing about how bad it was, i heard the radio that the street i teach on was inaccessible and a train wreck. i dont care if you’re a Christian or not, i think God reached me through the radio cause going to Ngong Rd. wouldve been TERRIBLE.

I spent little time downtown with Lawi running errands and booked it back to Rongai (where i live.) Doesnt look promising for tomorrow morning’s class. I have a lot to keep me busy with the new ministries we’re starting–fundraising, proposal writing, planning, etc..but i am really sad about my class being cancelled for at least tomorrow.

please pray for:

class to continue
violence to stop (not in that order)
dan and ramones planning/helping/coming to aid in the program
finding kamau
continued health (still no voice). 😦
encouragement (or just lack of discouragement).

everything else is still wonderful and im happy. just needed to share that it’s dangerous and a bummer since id like to travel soon and like to teach. thanks for the prayers, you!

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the good the bad and the ugly

the good: Morning star is going to get kamau and bring him home today (God willing).
the bad: Violence is getting worse and a parliament member was just killed in nairobi a couple hours ago.
the ugly: taking a shower, rubbing deet on myself then walking on the road. you know chocolate dipped cones? well this is like dust dipped becca. it sticks and makes a dust-coating on me.


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todays events

wildlife: baby elephants + baboons + warthogs.
giraffes + birds + geckos + warthogs.

walking about 8-10 miles on little fuel (unrecommended).

mad sunburn. giraffe kisses. elephant shoves.

movie night and ratless, slugless bedroom.

photo of me, betty and issac.


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if you don’t have it, my gmail is  any help for kamau is appreciated, i want to tell the director asap so they can go pick him up.

i think he is one reason i came now, even though its super violent and not a good time to be in country…i could be wrong, but God knows what’s going on and has already planned it (comforting.)

class in seven minutes!

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i have rats

i have rats too! maybe theyll eat the slugs!


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