morocco in detail

read if you want to but skimming is recommended.

I can’t write everything I’d like to on this post, even though I am finally not using a French keyboard. ☺

Why? Cause my stay in Morocco involved some stuff that we just won’t mention—words we cant say and names I cant share. That’s ok. I’ll still offer a few highlights/general overview.

I arrived here on no sleep. Not only did I fly all night to get here, I drove (with dad) the night before.. meaning I’d slept 1 full hour in two full nights. I was exhausted and in good shape to be nailed with some sort of sickness (like the post-stress passing out///throwing up thing I did in Croatia a few years back). Instead, I walked around the square and went to the office to use the internet, then stayed with the kindest hosts EVER (a few girls who were SUPER nice and gave me dinner and breakfast in bed—er, couch.) Fully recovered, I went with my guides to pick up the rest of our team at the airport.

Their bags weren’t there. No biggie, theyd be in tomorrow, so we went straightaway to the mountains and experienced “a day in the life of a berber”. It was fantastic. Learned how to make cous cous balls (cant use silverware), how to get water, cook tajine and bake bread. I slept like a ROCK (no windows in my room..)

When we returned to get the bags, they weren’t there. All the packs, boots, bottles, poles, mats, etc. for trekking. In five flights over 9 days, we received most of the bags. One made it in 10 days. It wrecked our itinerary, but we used borrowed equipment to still trek to homes in the mountains and get to know families. I learned SO much about the AMAZING people called berbers. We had a few days of hard hiking, a few days of easy hiking, lots and lots of bread, the worlds sweetest mint tea, and laughing cow cheese (travels well). Dinners were at 9 or 10 and we women would watch in the kitchen til it was allllll finished. Every house was sick (and I am now too) yet soo welcoming.

We had a few days to sightsee in Marrakech (which was good except when I went alone for a bit.) I met cool people and tried not to get scammed buying you all souvenirs.

It was weird saying bye to the team today since I’d gotten to know them all pretty well in a week’s time. While the plans changed with no luggage, I think we all had a great time and wouldn’t have changed a thing. Today my new friends who live here, their friend Aaron, Mark and I watched die hard, ate and I made this movie.

In other news: I have French braids/dreds (from no conditioner, 1-2 showers in a long time. When I have time (three hours) ill try to get a brush through my hair. We call them French breds.I am now used to eating with only my right hand (and no silverware). I also am used to wearing my sheep (black oldnavy furry shirt) at all times when the sun goes down, eating 2 tbs sugar in and on everything, sleeping 14 people in a tinnnnny room, worshiping God in the mountains with friends, being stalked in the market, and having an ankle that I cant use yet. (prayer appreciated).

We went to a real hammam (bathhouse where you can pay for them to scrub you.) all I can say is you get what you pay for and I wussed out (this is really something). I rarely wuss out so it had to have been soo bad.

Favorite people included 2 different mohammads, one old lady who talked on and on in tashlahait even though I had no idea what she was saying, the little british girls (5 under the age of six) who I met and their one friend who fit a muffin in his mouth and gave me yogurt, and omar (at whose house we laughed til we cried). I’ve loved getting to know new friends and what the culture’s like here. Not sure if I could live here or not, but if I did , it’d be as a married woman (Godwilling).

When I get home, ask me the stories about the king and the tajiine and the guests.



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6 responses to “morocco in detail

  1. Patrick

    How fun/exhausting/overwhelming/amazing. I’m so envious of you right now. 😀 Take care and you are still in my prayers.


  2. Sarah w.

    hey lady. thanks for the updates! your in my prayers, especially for your ankle…. i have to admit, I’m a bit jealous.
    p.s. send an address asap!

  3. Mooney

    Did the guy give you yogurt from the muffin he put in his mouth? hahaha

    I was thinking about you during my small group time, thought that this prayer the disciples used might help you, certainly can’t hurt.

    Acts 4:23-31
    They pray for boldness, and since you are not fluent(sp?) in the language I prayed that your actions could be bold.

    Just remember that God has your back, even if you turn around and can’t see Him…its cuz He is hangin on to you hahaha.

    Hopin God continues to puts a joyful/peaceful spirit in your heart

  4. mom

    love the pictures, Bec. I love the Hammam visual….nobody scrubs my Becca…smile. Hope you are better. Morocco looks beautiful. Good pics! Can’t wait to hear the stories and deeper events that took place. Love to you.. Mom

  5. Thanks for the post, Becca. That video is great, especially the chicken & snail parts! I recognized the place you got lost in the market, and the Djemaa al Fna (the snail stand). I’m a little jealous, but very happy you got to experience that crazy city!

  6. inspired by your work, keep on moving girl the Lord is with you

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