First of all, to those of you who’ve written me personal notes and encouragement, THANKS. I am really sorry I havent had a chance to The campus I am at is gorgeous. I can tell i’ll be really happy here.

so no one was on my plane last night, giving me a chance to ice and elevate this darn ankle that quits on me at least once every two years. 🙂 the no one on the plane thing was freaky–people are leaving, not coming. i bet 1/10 of the plane had folks in the seats.

Last night, after the world’s longest layover in London with an ADROABLE and kind woman who spoke only spanish and a friend from the morocco trip (too cold to sleep) and an 8-9 hr flight, i felt a little sick as i stood in the lost baggage line (yes the bag is gone that has all my stuff in it.) I had spent the night making a mess of the one area we were allowed to be in (gate 36) by moving space heaters and unplugging equipment so everyone could be warm. the other areas of heathrow were toasty but ours was literally 45-55 degrees. I watched a lot of LOST and set up two tall chairs over one heater so i could feel the heat from the top (the only area heat really came through). by 5AM, things opened, so we could move to other areas of the airport, but i wasnt going to sleep much until my 10 AM flight.

The pastors who came to pick me up made me smile and quickly feel better and took me to my apt (after a “pick up some food” stop. the stop included getting pizza, which they wouldnt share since ‘we never eat pizza, only in the states’. they just thought that would be what I WANTED. so sweet. i remembered that was my first meal in the west bank too–i think someone’s told all pastors that young americans’ favorite food is pizza.) 😀

anyway, the dogs were out so it took a while to get a watchman to help us get into my flat. there’s literally 100 angry dogs that run around after 12AM. My favorite part about my flat, besides the fresh fruit, coffee and towel (and flip flops!) left for me is my mosquito net. i feel like a princess! pictures to come i hope, but the internet might be too slow for such excessiveness. we’ll see.

my class was to begin tomorrow but its being put on hold since we expect the protests to deepen tomorrow/wednesday. it’s okay, gives me more time to prepare.

the people here ive met couldnt be nicer. i wish i knew at least one person, but no. so many names to learn. im excited though, since theyre like me–their default face is a smile (i think you all know what i mean about defauly face). If im just thinking or listening, etc., i am usually smiling. people in the USA think it’s weird. not in kenya!



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3 responses to “ANU

  1. Mooney

    yep, your wierd. It will take the Kenyans time to figure that out though hahaha. Like Belinda says though, wierd is good. Also, I assume one of the 100 dogs’ names was fluffy lol….

    So it was 55 degrees at the airport eh. My roomates keep it around that temperature in my apartment, it’s rediculous.

    Hope the extra day of rest helps that ankle.

  2. welcome to Kenya its a lovely country

  3. Hey, Becca! You are deep in the heart of Kenya, and we’re praying and asking God to guide your steps each day.

    Nothing like a pack of howlin’ dogs to make you feel welcome, eh! werewolves of London… er Nairobi!

    I loved the video of you in Marrakesh. The music was awesome. Also thought it was interesting that everyone seems to say, “hey, wazzup?” Like it was an international language of greeting.

    Keep those blog postings a-coming!

    And please stay weird.

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