About the Lizard in my flat

I wish I’d taken a picture of the gigantic lizard I found today in my living room. I couldn’t tell if it was dead so I got a guy walking by my flat to kick it out, and it ran towards me. The thing was really big and I hated it. To be honest, im concerned about how it got in. ☹ I think there’s a hole that lets in the creatures…

In other news, if I watch LOST at night (I cant go out if the dogs are around), I am SUPER jumpy. Its actually hilarious. You’d get a kick out of it—if anything makes ANY noise I jump like 1 foot. I need to watch only during the day (any down time) not at night. Plus there are noises here like nothing ive heard in the USA (or anywhere for that matter really).

Ive gotten QUITE prepared for my class, and tomorrow/Saturday will be spent with henry, the man starting the orphanage. Because of the violence, ive been allowed NO where and some friends were going to take me to the city Saturday. Instead, I’ll be going to henrys house (which im excited about). I came to work with him, not sightsee, and there will be other times to go. Still, it’s a shame how this week worked out with the protests. All the students workload is light for now and as soon as its safe, theyre gonna be too busy!

Im hoping to have a phone asap. It’ll change everything. People find strange ways to reach me. And today im going with another American couple (just moved here two weeks ago) to ongata rongai to shop (with no money, im just going to see things.) They’ve got a CAR! Im stoked.

What else is new..as ive said, everyone is super nice. Some of the first year students are def sketched out by me and I don’t think they know what to do when I eat at their table, but im thinking they’ll warm up to me? I might teach some music classes while I am around..lot of my new friends wanna learn and although im a limited time offer, it’s a way to get started on it.

Update::writing this a day later—yesterday involved being “officially becoming a daughter” of the American couple I mentioned—our trip to the supermarket was fun—they traded me some Kenyan shillings and drove me in their niiiiice SUV so I got us all popsicles. Then my new friend jeanette and I visited ken and joan, a newly married Kenyan/british couple and played scrabble and “golf” (cards). It was fantastic (esp when ken asked how to spell buttocks and had only letters for burtox.) I drank tea w/them and went home..we watched the heartbreaking news until we couldn’t anymore…not sure if you saw it, but a hospital was gassed by police and protesters are being killed and things are out of control.

The (probable) tea-caffeine combined with me thinking about my time here and the news on TV, and especially what happens when I get back to ROC kept me up and woke me up early. In the morning (around 4, when I woke up) the birds were (and are) chirping and at night the dogs make a TON of noise. Gotta get used to it. Tryin to get my voice back. ☺ sleep would be better but candy cane tea is hittin the spot. Later ill go to the lab, connect, and post this.


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One response to “About the Lizard in my flat

  1. dad

    Life with new sound effects and lizards… Priceless. Don’t you recall Lion King?
    LOVE YOU MUCH! Miss you too! dad

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