heath ledger’s dead?

i leave the country for two months and this is what happens..

today was completely crazy. i sat in traffic for over 4 hours. much more happened (orphanage visit #2) and class…in other news, ive decided matatus arent safe at all nor are the men in the city when im alone.



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2 responses to “heath ledger’s dead?

  1. m a t t

    Hey Becca.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your last few posts. I know that feeling you’re talking about, feeling that you are exactly in the right place. It’s pretty phenomenal.

    Godspeed your transportation. I won’t be worrying about you, just praying, but you know you probably worry people with a post like this one. šŸ™‚

    Oh, and Salim is right about the salt. Kills slugs. It’s kind of crazy to watch.

    Grace and Peace!

  2. anti

    matatus? what/ who is that? the men…not safe….who knew?? lol.

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