OK. I can think of several people who “wanted a way to help and a way to volunteer in Rochester.”

You got it.

I wasn’t going to do this, ever…this whole “ask for something on my blog,” thing. But it’s a special case and a definite emergency. And you wanted to help.

Last week, as you know, hundreds died in the fighting here in Kenya. One little boy named Kamau saw his mom, dad and two siblings get killed by his neighbors. Then he ran as fast as he could and hid in the back of a trailer for mannnnny miles and some police found him. He’s seven.

The man who met him and told me of him is the founder of one of the nicest homes for kids I’ve ever seen. I’m currently making them a website, because they’ve got room for 28 but a budget for 23. The government won’t let anyone from the home go and get Kamau unless they can prove they can afford him for at least a year.

So..Kamau is currently alone at a camp. It was a week or two ago tops that he saw his family die and we know right where he is and could go get him if we just had the funds.

If you want to host a run, a party, a game night..SOMETHING…now’s the time. If you want, email me for more details on everything. He would be so much happier in “Morning star” than alone at the camp.

Make it fun, just let me know asap if you can help. Looks like we need at least 820 dollars. Then we’ll got get him and bring him to the home.



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  1. sad storry …my antie and his 6 children has lost everything in Baringo
    my uncle in Njoro houses was burnt down
    my cousin in Molo…tooo much of it… but the good news they ae alive we hope this mess will stop…but the media especially international they are biased
    the political problem isnt about votes and rigging its tribal land ownership which started after independence the war was planned even before election whoever wins there are communities who were planned to be chased from some areas….if you follow political history of our country you will understand

    in 1992 i used to live in Baringo we were chased during president Moi erra
    in 1997 we had moved to Mau Narok we were chased we lost our farm but
    got it later and we moved l;ucky my mum is employed so we struggled and moved to Gilgil..were we are now things are okay here
    i have slept outside won ladies clad coz the worriors were tagetting men
    to kill all em he he 🙂 but now am okay…but am worried when will all this crazy mess end….but Elohim is Great

    the war took another spiritual turn when some politician made some MoU

    here are the news in dailly paper

    Now churches condemn MoU with Muslims

    Story by NATION Team
    Publication Date: 11/29/2007

    Kenyan churches Wednesday criticised ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga over the controversial Memorandum of Understanding signed with his Muslim supporters.

    Fourteen churches under the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya called on Mr Odinga and the Muslim leaders to revoke the MoU and instead commit themselves to strengthening democracy through an open electoral process.

    They called on Kenyans to reject the MoU signed by the National Muslim Leaders Forum (Namlef) on behalf of fellow Muslims.

    The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK), however, said it supported the release of the MoU to the public.

    CIPK secretary general Sheikh Mohamed Dor said that after long deliberations, Muslim leaders had decided to release the contentious document.

    “Due to the debate the MoU had generated, the leaders found it fit to tell Kenyans what Namlef had agreed with Raila in order to put the matter to rest,” he said after reading the MoU to Muslim faithful at Mbaruk Mosque in Mombasa.

    Law Society of Kenya chairman Okong’o O’mogeni dismissed the MoU saying it was not enforceable since it did not having the backing of the law.

    “An MoU without the backing of the law is not enforceable, it is just a piece of paper. The rights of Kenyans are protected by the laws of the land. Anything outside the law is not enforceable,” he said.

    International Commission of Jurists chairman Wilfred Nderitu, speaking in his personal capacity, said it was wrong for politicians to enter into pacts with interest groups ahead of the elections.

    “Kenya remains a secular state and all of us should strive to ensure the status quo is maintained. The MoU between Mr Odinga and his Muslim supporters is likely to trigger an avalanche of similar requests by other minor groupings,” Mr Nderitu said.

    Nothing wrong

    And the Executive Director of the Institute of Education in Democracy (IED) Koki Muli said there was nothing wrong in signing of an MoU as it has been the practice in other parts of the world since the turn of the century. However, such pacts should be made public, she said.

    In a statement Wednesday, the Evangelical Alliance that initially blew the whistle on the MoU questioned why it had taken almost three months for it to be made public.

    “The rights and responsibilities of all citizens and groups are guaranteed by the Constitution and should be protected within the constitutional framework,” they said in the statement.

    The statement is signed by representatives from Christ is the Answer Ministries, Redeemed Gospel Church, National Conscious People Movement, Africa Inland Church, Neno Evangelism and the Deliverance Church.

    Others are the Methodist Church of Kenya, Glorious Church, Hope Restoration Centre, the Salvation Army, United Christian Church of Kenya and the National Evangelical Churches.

    They now want the ODM leader to state whether he would uphold the Constitution or honour the MoU were he to be elected.

    The church leaders further challenged him to state whether he would accord Namlef both an advisory and partner role on Muslim affairs as stated in the MoU and whether he would do the same to other faiths.

    Energy assistant minister Mwangi Kiunjuri has dismissed the MoU released on Tuesday saying it was not the true one and challenged Mr Odinga to explain why it took him months to make it public.

    A retired clergyman with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Rev Michael Kagume described the MoU as “empty and inciting.”

    Reports by Patrick Nzioka, Gitonga Marete, Mike Mwaniki, Wilfred Muchire and Mugo Njeru.

    on another day
    Pact with Muslims gets more criticism

    Published on November 30, 2007, 12:00 am

    BY Standard Team

    THE agreement between the ODM presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga and a Muslim group continues to attract criticism two days after it was made public.

    On Thursday, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) and a section of Muslims condemned the document.

    PCEA moderator, Dr David Githii, said the tension between Christians and Muslims over the MoU could put a wedge between the two religions.

    “Christians and Muslims have lived in harmony for a long time, but such pacts could create bad blood between them,” he said.

    He was speaking at Roots Academy, Nakuru, after opening the PCEA National Boys and Girls’ Brigade Camp.

    And Muslims allied to Kibaki, denounced the MoU but called for sobriety over the issue.

    Speaking at Press conference at a Nairobi hotel, Mr Adan Wachu, the Supkem secretary-general, said no group should dictate the political position of Muslims.

    “We are tired of being roped into secret pacts,” said Wachu.

    Meanwhile, Ford-Kenya chairman, Mr Musikari Kombo, has said the MoU was made to suit Raila’s interests. “Why did it take so long for them to make it public?” he asked

    but God is great he has promised peace and we are looking hopefully things will be better i believe

  2. anti

    ill see what i can find/do

  3. dad

    Darling daughter, I believe the LORD will provide for young Kamau. I will ask more details from you via email so we can figure how to gather and move the funds to whom. Lawi’s details are interesting. Are the churches mainly with Kibaki? Are there many Christians among the Luo people?

    We are praying for Jesus’ Peace to fill Kenya and the witness of His church to make an impact.

  4. it started 50 years ago with Jommo Kenyatta the first president of Kenya[a kikuyu] and Jaramogi Odinga the father of Raila [a luo] …

    its a bad history i wish we Kenyans could grow learn from all this and stop this tribal war ..other tribes have taken advantage like the kalenjin[tribe of fomer president Daniel Arap moi] who burnt 50 kikuyus in a they wanna evict kikuyus who are enterprenuers from those places and take the properties ..its all more tribal than anyting , but my prayer is church to try and be neutral so as to bring sanity!

    my Luo friend in our prayer group told me that if ODM could have won it could not have been ethnic clashes but ethnic cleansing were tribes like kikuyu could have been wiped outa all aplaces in kenya..they had divided all kikuyu properties[kikuyus r enterprenuers and very hard working especially in businesses]

    but we have moved a step foward yesterday Railla and Kubaki met face to face under Koffi Annan my prayer is that the two leaders form a Gvmnt not Kibaki alone or Raila alone so as to unite the tribes of Kenya

    we are praying …though prophets were sent to this country with a warning last year and the Church was told to repent coz there is a shaking which will come to this nation
    we believe God is working things out

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