things got really bad last night/today and although i went into Nairobi as i do every day, not knowing about how bad it was, i heard the radio that the street i teach on was inaccessible and a train wreck. i dont care if you’re a Christian or not, i think God reached me through the radio cause going to Ngong Rd. wouldve been TERRIBLE.

I spent little time downtown with Lawi running errands and booked it back to Rongai (where i live.) Doesnt look promising for tomorrow morning’s class. I have a lot to keep me busy with the new ministries we’re starting–fundraising, proposal writing, planning, etc..but i am really sad about my class being cancelled for at least tomorrow.

please pray for:

class to continue
violence to stop (not in that order)
dan and ramones planning/helping/coming to aid in the program
finding kamau
continued health (still no voice). 😦
encouragement (or just lack of discouragement).

everything else is still wonderful and im happy. just needed to share that it’s dangerous and a bummer since id like to travel soon and like to teach. thanks for the prayers, you!


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  1. John K

    I’m praying for you Becca. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on what’s going on.

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