the good the bad and the ugly

the good: Morning star is going to get kamau and bring him home today (God willing).
the bad: Violence is getting worse and a parliament member was just killed in nairobi a couple hours ago.
the ugly: taking a shower, rubbing deet on myself then walking on the road. you know chocolate dipped cones? well this is like dust dipped becca. it sticks and makes a dust-coating on me.



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2 responses to “the good the bad and the ugly

  1. Dad

    A dust dipped Becca,like a chocolate dipped cone made me smile. Then your dusty walking made me think of the Lord washing feet before His last supper.

    It didn’t look like a modern foot washing service, I bet. Praying for Kamau to be found today.

  2. Lynne H.

    Becca, many prayers are going up for your safety and also for God’s clear direction and answers to your current questions. Your 4 a.m. post blessed my heart and made me shout “Hallelujah” in my spirit when I read it. Western Christians need to be broken hearted for the needs of the world. What breaks God’s heart needs to break my heart, and your post gave me hope for the breaking. I’m not content to only be brokenhearted, but I want to do something about it.

    I wish I had $$ to send, but I’ve just made a couple other commitments for God’s work overseas, and I’m currently tapped out. BUT when the $$ starts showing up again from the Lord (I have an idea of how I might get a little extra $$ for the work), God has shown me another place for its good use. Thanks for letting us know of the need.

    By the way, are you familiar with K.P. Yohannan, who founded Gospel for Asia? I’m pretty much devastated by his messages. God is dealing with me, and I just want to obey.

    God bless you, my young sister. You keep walking on by faith!



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