Kamau update!

Well, picking up a child from a camp is certainly complicated.

Picking up two is even harder. We’ve got to wait a bit longer (again, don’t send anything til we know we’ve got him!) 😀 Monday the papers for two kids should be finished.


As you’ve read, Kamau ran from the fighting (he saw parents, brothers and a sister killed), then rode in a trailer til police stuck him in a camp.

As you didn’t read, his brother was taken by a good Samaritan to another camp. Neither knew each other made it..but they found each other this week. They’re still at separate camps. I cant believe it. I can’t believe theyre still separated and i cant believe they are both alive and can be together.

don’t be sketched out by the dramatic awesome twist:

a.) I met the man in charge and he is great and seemingly quite honest (as is his wife),
b.) the home the boys will hopefully be in together is the nicest ive ever seen and the kids are awesome, and ill spend all day saturday there.
c.) they didnt ask me for extra funds–i think the director’s been pulling out all the stops as much as i have to get money for kamau, working hard to get funds and is trusting God will take care of both kids.

Kamau is also older than seven but looks TINY cause i think they didnt get enough to eat before…here kids who are 20 look 13, 15 look 10, 12 look 6, etc. 😦 it’s sad. I am not gonna lie, i wanted to meet him saturday, but ill take two living little boys next week as soon as the papers are signed vs. one sad little child on saturday.

so praise God! the director sounded SHOCKED and excited and tired from his long days at the camp (they distributed food and clothing there today). he was upset the kids were still separated and hates to wait until monday to sign it all officially.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support…remember to wait until we sign those papers before you send anything to the address i gave out because if anything happens, I would love to see your funds (if desired!) go towards our “feed the kids program so they dont faint” in Mwiki…Morning Star takes good care of their kids and the money we’re sending is specifically for Kamau.

Other news: Morning Star’s new site is started and more exciting than that–Carlo’s helped me make my first niiice wordpress template. actually, he made it but i’m learning a lot from his “let’s see what i can make you in one night–now just enter the content!” helpfulness and should be able to make many more morning starish sites once i understand it all. <–the key to understand in this paragraph. this is the start of something wonderful and awaited. way to go, Carlo! Chuck Norris has nothing on you.



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2 responses to “Kamau update!

  1. m a t t

    How cool is it that Kamau’s brother is alive?! Twists better than fiction.

  2. Megan Wetzel

    Hey! I’m so happy I found your blog! I was supposed to go to Kenya this upcoming summer, but decided against it. I’m totally regretting my decision. I’m so glad you’re blogging your experience and I’ll definitely be keeping up.

    As for Kamau and Morning Star, I’d love to host some kind of fund raiser. I’m trying to plan some kind of community service event with Lambda Pi Eta, and I’ll talk to Barnes and see if this would be something we can do. Good luck with everything! 🙂

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