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ill try to write when i get back from the bikeride-dinner-lagoon trip im about to embark on today…


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grover and dunkin donuts.

we’ve named the amoeba grover. when he is finished i am going to celebrate with the new lb. of DD coffee that my mother and father shipped. other goodies include listerine strips (the little tape-pieces that make your tongue want to explode) because my class specifically requested them (daily) after trying the end of my old stale christmas stocking strips, an salsa (since i told salim i couldnt find any around). They sent lots of STRIDE (AHH) and splenda (jeanette cant have sugar) and ramen and mac and cheese (ugh also jeanette). she is gonna be around 4 years without a visit home ($$$) so i asked what she wanted.

what else capris (thanks mom!) they fit perfectly thanks to grover. uhh..a hoodie thats not “the sheep” (i had one THICK hoodie that was too much and thats all.) letters from friends (you know who you are and i think you’re awesome)…uhmmmmm..yep!

most importantly, they came with all of the funds we need to get FF school started. Dan has decided to document every waking minute of the trip with his little orange camera. so you’ll get to see it (we hope!) Words can’t express how thankful i and especially our volunteers and families in embakasi are for all the things sent. theyve wanted to get started for years and there was literally no way at all…Since words cant express, ill hold off on the praise (except to God) and let you know how things go. we’ve got a meeting tomorrow with the people in roi/mwiki to discuss that branch of the program, then we do the kids’ day! i really really hope to see more committment from henry’s church so we can start giving them what they need to get started (we’ve got nothing til a few more people commit to volunteer.)
my entire to do list is 3 pages or so..i wont write it all. i ask you to pray for me as i try to contact people with no contact list (phone stolen) so we can finish things.

so update or “why i cant come home JUST yet:

mwiki project: close to being ready but needing to nail down a.) which volunteers will do what, b.) who will take care of our field, c.) ok, this is the farthest from finished but an exciting project because of the potential of the acre we’ve got our hands on.

embakasi/kware: school budget complete. funds basically raised. school volunteers willing and MORE than ready to begin..families in teh community ready to send kids…going to help build an addition next week with dan/ramon.

satellite: still needs a building of their own (they rent). working on a site (one of my own students!) and sending samples home of things local people craft and want to sell online. please buy things. 😀

those are the three places family focus is working on as of now.
A secure account needs to be set up this week so people can feel free to give. workin on it!

in addition, work at the university to pay for my board, and the morning star site need to be worked on (the site needs pictures of 4 new kids, content written, lot to do but really great so far).

see, if i leave now, unraveling. if i stay, self-sustaining programs (i think). dan and ramon are..tired…but i tthink will be more awake and refreshed and ready to START in a few hours. please pray for discernment for me as i consider staying in the slums vs. my own bedroom all weekend. grover. 😀 thanks!

EW. just killed a large mosquito. yucky.


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matatu of the forty thieves


Good news: today ramon arrived and dan is supposedly coming at 730.

Bad news: took over 6 hrs for a 20 minute each way run to get ramon. we (jeanette and i) also managed to get into the matatu of the forty thieves.

I don’t like not having my bag on me, but was carrying ramons stuff already and jeanette helped me. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always hold it the same way I do with my hand on it…someone snatched my phone, wallet and her phone from her pockets/my bag.

Good news: my camera wasn’t taken. And we made it back safely to campus.

Bad news: the guys’ accomdation/ride for dan just cancelled randomly.
Good news: we got them a new place for free that’s next door to me! Ramon is asleep on the couch.

Medium news: still sick-but better than before. All I need to be ok to do ministry in the slums all weekend is NOT EAT A THING. Then theres no big issues except a bit of dizziness. So im not sure im better yet, but I feel better (as long as im not eating anything!)

To be honest, im not in the mood for much action as I look at tonight/the weekend. Today I miss home cause I’m sick and because whenever someone steals something it feels scary/terrible. I can not WAIT to see dan, and at the same time, I am tiiiiired and not wanting to go get him from the far airport. ☹ dan, if you ever read this, I am excited as can be possible with a parasite eating all my energy.

Now—the weekend as planned is in jeopardy, but it excites me to see what God has planned. It’s better than whatever we planned.

The stolen wallet
Messed up flights
Stolen phone
Never internet (its down all the time recently)
Cancelled rooms

Are an obvious attack but I am not gonna retreat. Today I nailed down my decision to stay until at least end of april. Crazy isn’t it? I almost regretted it and had a good cry today but decided against it. Who needs a good cry when some people don’t have phones to lose or food to get sick from? Sheesh.

In other news, my class threw me a soda and cake and present becca with a speech and a new Kenya shirt party on our last day today. Adorable.


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replies to prayer update: about 27 since the morning.

the day was actually really weird. i remember lying around a lot, friends stopping by, theological discussion and the world longest letter (even longer than yours, mom!) from salim. it made me smile and put the letter down and laugh repeatedly. not the drugs–it was a great letter. i also remember quite a bit of prayer and LOST and papaya seeds that are supposed to help but NOTHING IS HELPING.

i feel so loved. still extremely terrible, but so loved. update: the guys are gonna be here tomorrow. hopefully their bags make it too! 😀

now to be all better.

the following are SOME of the 27 or so replies i received since this morning. i also had a personalized get well card from Carlo complete with fantastic adorable critter pictures.


Find garlic, hot peppers, ginger root and the strongest alcoholic drink you can find, blend them all together and keep sipping it. It will kill the bugs. The alcohol attacks the cell wall and the hot acids kill them.


I am praying for you.

Sometimes being sick is a good thing.
I don’t know whether in this case it is or not.
So now you can spend more downtime praying,
And seeing if you can find some antibiot

this is me sending you a SUPER HUGE HUG.
and noting all aspects of your note.
you’re doing wonderful things there. and get well!

Don’t have a lot of time to reply. Actually on my way to work. Just wanted to say that I’ll be praying for you!

Get well soon Becca!

Keep up the great work, may God’s name continue to be glorified, and be certain that you, Dan and Ramon are being prayed for.

I was awakened last night…gave me plenty of time to pray for you…my overwhelming sense was that “God is on the throne, and still in control…”.I know that the travel mess is just what it is…a mess…but maybe the Lord is working on Ramon and Dan’s hearts during this time, stretching “their” faith and letting them grow their trust in Him. Circumstances are something we can’t control, but we can still praise God and know He has a plan, then try to let it go. I also prayed a lot for you…I hate hearing you are sick and that it’s your belly, knowing how yucky that can be. I hope you can manage to feel better QUICKLY…but until you do, take the time to lay low and just pray, and let your body get well. You are one hearty soul. Bec…He won’t give you more than you can endure…but it sure isn’t fun. We are all praying for you back home. Keep taking your meds and get well. Wish we could beam over there and hug you and take care of you. It’s cold and snowy here…we are all sick of the cold and wish we could escape. I look forward to our getaway in May and hope you can go with us. It’s nice to look forward to beach time. Love you tons and hope you sense all the prayers going up

Hi. Becca Sorry yo here that your plans fo the weekend are not goining well
Satan will do anything he can to disrupt God:s plans. Keep in Prayer Trust in
God,keep in faith.Barb and I will be praying for you. Not just for the
weekend but also
for your health, and God,s plan. Take care,we love you, God Bless you

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put
my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my
soul. -Psalm 143:8

You’re truly glorifying the Lord the most when you’re trusting whole heartedly in Him:) He has formed and planned each step before you and HIS will will be accomplished no matter what. No weapons formed against Him shall prosper! May Psalm 139 give you encouragement today and I will be praying for you. I love and miss you!

Oh man, I will definitely pray. God’s really making a testimony out
of you and now Dan and Ramon, and just all you’re going to be still
trying to do in Kenya. It’s exciting and God will pull through. I’m
sorry you got sick, but amoebas got nothing against Him either.
I’ll keep praying!

Thanks for keeping us updated. I know we are praying and prayed as a large group for you last week. One thing I learned this year is that God has His own timing. When something goes wrong sometimes it’s hard for me to tell if it’s God’s way of changing things or the devil trying to screw things up. But, I do know that your hearts are in the right place, God is sovereign, and he will use you all for His glory but maybe in a different way than expected.

I hope things start swinging back in your favor and in the mean time we will all be praying!

Hey Becca – your Jesus loves you!!

Dearest Rebecca, Surely God’s grace and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. Be encouraged today! Today is the day the Lord has made and He rejoices that you are part of it. He does His best work when you are weak so get ready for some powerful miracles from the Lord. You are greatly loved here among us and among the heavenly beings. Emmanuel.

Oh my little Rebecca!! I will pray……Hang in there sweetie, God is in control and He hears and answers our hearts cry.
Lord Jesus, please heal my dear sister and be her Great Physician in this time of illness. Give her a speedy and miraculous recovery
and restore her to 100%, we know only you can do it. Extract the stomach pain, cramps and disease.
We pray for Dan and Ramon Lord, that you would intervene and dot every “i” and cross every “t” and give them a peace that passes all understanding and patience with each other in this stressful time. May you be in control and what the enemy meant for evil, turn it to good. May they be suited up with your FULL armor of God to do battle Eph 6:10. Give them safe and fruitful travels to Tanzania next week.
And in all that Becca says, does and where she goes may the fruit of her lips be sweet as honey to glorify and magnify Your Holy and Precious Name. May there be no other idols before her and may she serve you with all her heart, mind, soul and strength and GIVE to her the strength and WISDOM and discernment to do so.
She lives for you Lord, please provide for her needs and prove yourself Faithful even when we are faithless. Love her as no other can Lord and help her to be encouraged that there are people in Rochester “standing in the Gap” for her in prayer. Put her heavy on my heart often and may the fervent prayer of a righteous man avail much, even in America. We love you and it is in Jesus Name we pray, AMEN!

Love you sister XXOO Miss you!! Keep us updated!!

This means war! From what I’ve been hearing, things are escalating all over the place. I’d like to say, it’s just stuff and circumstances, but I don’t think so.

Are you receiving meds and medical doctor care for the dysentery?

Jesus, in Your name, I ask You to place Your hand on Becca and absorb the bacteria that causes this sickness. Raise her up and give her strength to stand today. Give her body real rest and real peace. Through the way You empower Becca to rise up in the midst of this sickness, let people see You today.
Father, Becca is “just a girl,” but in You she is a mighty woman of God. She is weak, but You are strong. Walk with her and lead her by Your hand through this dark valley.
Your plans are set in eternity. Accomplish Your will, move and change history in Your sovereign power, and be pleased to use Becca in that process, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Thank you, Becca. Please keep on writing your blog. You make all of us experience what you are living — a wee bit vicariously, of course, but you’re a great writer.

Be at peace.

much love & prayers..

Well i was going to leave u with a calling card number again…but prayers will work. God is awesome and He is going to do awesome things. keep that in mind even if things start to go to crap…because He has a greater picture behind the one you see. Take it easy and enjoy yourself will you…talk to you soon.
PS>>>GET BETTER…:-). if you need any suggestions let me know. prayer will be on the way for now. meds can always come later.


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feeing awful.

as you know–this weekend is BRING TOYS AND CANDY AND KICKOFF THE PROGRAM day on sunday and saturdays “go invite the kiddies day”.

except today i feel like death and both ramon and dans flights have been cancelled til at least sunday (they’re probably coming without any baggage.) prayers needed–got serious opposition going on.

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i walked the normal 15-20 km today BUT today it wasnt because i wanted to. i wanted NOT TO. we only have three more days of beginning computers so i had to be there (i think). the students are throwing me a party on friday!

i did lab work at the clinic before going, since ive been sick for a week or so and figured i need to be better asap for zanzibar. when i finally made it home around 4 (all day!) they said yes maam, its kill the ameoba time with these drugs. so at least im being treated.

dysentery! my favorite part: take the medication with meals. (WHAT)?! not hungry. i dont like critters outside my body that are gross, let alone living inside as little parasites. prayers appreciated.


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tonight was monopoly–a long full game with too many people and i destroyed as i always do.

today was class and a long lecture on wordpress. then an extremely encouraging meeting with the two men helping to start FF school. we’re going help build it and buy everything we need/get started by the time i leave (Godwilling).


Becca Nelson

Africa Nazarene University
P.O. Box 53067-00200
Masaii Lodge Rd.
Ongata Rongai
Nairobi, Kenya

Some of you may question my address posting since i planned to come home asap. here’s the big news! im likely changing my ticket to mid to end of the semester. 🙂 hakuna matata. just wasnt ready to be around again til things are firmed up and sustaining themselves. miss you though.

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