im out

this weekend needs prayers for millions of meetings and alertness for myself and i:

tomorrow: get all the web content for a morning star orphanage website in one day (took 1 month for house of hope last winter in bethlehem.) Prolly 8am departure, done by 5.

tomorrow: meet with local pastors of AIC churches to detail program and welcome their initial leading of the others. not sure–6PM?

tomorrow: meet with advisory committee of new ministry to get acquainted and discuss important stuff. 8PM?

Sunday–go encourage believers at henry’s church. Meeting at 3 with all the local pastors we invited.

Monday teach class then another meeting with three men willing to start the same childrens ministries in their own churches too.

feeding kids. yay. ill be out of touch so leave it at the beep. wait, there isn’t really one.

p.s. i actually have friends here to miss the 2-3 days i am not around. amazing how good God is.

today was spent in the city with jeanette (and some with lawi). Us girls..we got camel milk, turkish fish and a bass guitar!


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  1. Arricka

    I’m so excited to hear you have friends. That’s what I’m praying for, among other things. Love you!

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