today i got a ride to work and had the best class so far. we touched on the topic of my quick speech and i promised to slow down. we had a great lecture then projects…

then i had a FANTASTIC meeting with men who’ve been trying to get a program started for local families for years. we’re opening a school..funds or not. how are we going to sustain it?

basically, the schools here are so bad some dont even have electricity. so rather than pay to go to one of those, church families and local kids can pay a bit less to come to ours, taught by pastor samuel and volunteers who are smart and good with kids but unemployed…for every two kids who sign up, one orphan will be enrolled and their food and education covered.

im stoked. every time i brought up an issue it was like this:

“well who will teach?”
Our people are willing and the pastor will be a great teacher.

“what about registering as an NGO?”
My wife works for city council.

“uh, and this will cover things like breakfast for each kid so they dont faint during school?”
yes, it covers breakfast because the less poor kids can pay SOMETHING (500 shillings per month) and we can give porridge.

a-mazing. they’ll do it with or without funding from the states and are totally excited. more to say about it but praise God, eh? Africans helping Africans.

the situation’s bad here but im excited and cant believe how simple it is to meet needs if we just work together.

in other news: i skipped lunch for class as usual but then had a meeting. then i walked with lawi to the arboretum, which i LOVED…on the way we saw nairobi university in detail and then walked the park and then back…prolly eight km or something. i was that run-into-folks kind of hungrytired. then i boarded the bus and heard that it would take 2-3 hours to get to rongai cause an accident happened and we needed to take a new road. then they said 100 shillings (RIP OFF.)

so i got back to the 4km away from ANU junction i usually walk from. It was dark. i was tired and afraidish before i knew thered be a bus. There was an ANU bus going the OTHER way back towards town. so i boarded it and rode it in and out of town. all in all..bus over 3 hrs. they “held” dinner for us, but we had to wait a LONG time so around eight we got our first yucky meal at ANU. it wasnt my day. i even spent time today at an internet cafe with no printing or internet.

i decided days like this happen in the states too. it wasnt bad. it was good then bad. and its not even bad when its bad. just a little bit scarynnoying.

i should have kamau news before tomorrow or something.


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