crocodile tears

Kamau update:

Well, for the founder of Morning Star, the past two days were spent in Rimuru searching for Kamau. He finally got the papers he needed because people who worked there knew him from his work with other kids. He looked for both boys.

Since day one, we’ve had a really hard time working with the director of the camp. He is “not a good man” and “very disorganized.” He hasn’t made it easy but we finally had the official everything done. In his defense, people are literally coming in truckloads by the hour to the camp. It’s not orderly at all.

After two days of driving over 50 miles and searching high and low, one guy from the red cross said that Kamau had been “taken”.

It seems people here never take a boy to be good to him or something..they take kids to use around the fields/homes basically in slavery.

Someone bought Kamau and someone else bought his brother. they’re not together. At least, that’s what we think. The director wont say where they went but we are 90 percent sure he was paid. People are taking kids without any documents or anything and leaving the camp with them in their car.

We’re not going to hear anything and he’s not going to come back. If you wanted to send something for Kamau, hang on to the money for now or:

a.) use it for two other orphans just like kamau but still in the camp. we’re taking two back to morning star.
b.) Use it for the program we’re starting.
a. I like option b. because it’s a self-sustaining program that really needs the help to get started, then nothing. They’re planting a really fertile field and need help buying seeds, a waterpump and some expert help. We’re going to have year-round food for the children’s program.

If you were specifically interested in helping the boy, I’m sorry. Trust me, I’m extremely sorry for all the trouble. I saw his picture last weekend (taken by the founder and his wife). He looked afraid and really small. We’ll probably never know what really happened but I wanted to say thanks for the support and prayers.

The children’s program is basically three separate ones in Nairobi: one in Mwiki, one in Embakasi and one in Satellite. They’re all different and all “self-sustaining”—they can survive on nothing from the states at all. This is beyond exciting. I had a meeting today with other people who’ve been here for years, who confirmed that Africans doing programs to help their own communities is the only way to make things last. I agree.

It’s okay to help get them started. One is a school—we’ll charge 500 shillings per month and use part of it to teach orphans and feed them for free. They could use funds for a sign and or chalkboard and books. One is a feeding program and weekend training for entire families—they need funds to plant the acre that is usable year round (mentioned above). I like that even if we cant raise these funds to start them off, I think they’ll find a way.

Today I talked to several strangers..a man who “wanted to get saved” (long story, we’ll see tomorrow..) a somalian on the road—his tribe’s muslim and he’s a good walking buddy, a lot of white people who are here on a development internship and a lot more at a missionary center of sorts. It was an extremely busy day that ended with girl night. We made pre-lent pancakes and tea and watched atlantis. I left early—not into cartoons after the phone call from morning star.

My new shortcut is amazing. I buy a 10 shilling (15 cent) loaf of bread daily and pray for the largest slum in Africa that I can view to my right as I hike up the 5k hill. I pray about who to give the bread to and so far it’s been obvious every time. It’s the coolest new part of my trip here and while I’m not one of those, “then God told me to give it to this person, then he told me to walk six feet and turn left,” I feel like I’m pretty in touch with him about who to give each loaf to and its exciting to carry it up the huge hill on my way to work.

Turns out the word “excited” here means like..sexually aroused. If you know me at all you know I use the word at least 65 times a day, and about 30 when im making a point to not use it. Ask God to help me not say it. its funny and not at all all at once. and pants means underwear. also an issue for me.

My class and I all g-chatted today and it was amazing. My little students are all grown up and iming me!


I’m still sad. It’s sinking in. And british airways changed my flight and was mean to me on the phone (which didn’t work because ive not found a reliable place to use skype yet..even when I pay extra to go somewhere with “faster” internet, it wont work.) The slowness of skype and the inability + not getting to watch marcs video (it’s number one on youtube music) and the ability to hear a resounding no about changing my ticket to when ramon or dan is flying, and the awareness that all this expensive time in the world worst internet café made me leave for the central bus station at 5 (the worst time to leave) and the heat and never eating lunch made me cry my first tear of frustration today. (if I am really frustrated esp in other countries, I sometimes allow up to three crocodile tears.)

Really, i’m still great. Hakuna Matata. (no worries). But I’m uh, disappointed about Kamau, worried about him and never going to stop praying for him. Africa is messed up but i dont think id rather be anywhere else tonight than where i am. Thanks again.



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2 responses to “crocodile tears

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about Kamau. I pray he finds his way to a good home.

  2. Am really sudden by that story of Kamau but I am meant to believe Gods will is going to prevail as we continue travailing in prayers ,God rewards our efforts and motives more than the outcome …you have done a thing many can’t and may Jehovah Jireh reward you faithfulness and continue to bless you wherever are…………

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