my favorite classroom moments so far

me: students, please reply to my gmail and attatch a file.  It can be a music file, word document, video file, whetever.  Just dont send me a program cause those are big.  All of you have documents we’ve finished together in class and you can send one of those from your folder on the desktop.

student: :::sends me a shortcut to “internet”:::  it doesnt work.

me: okay, student x sent me the internet!  not good!  you cant actually send me the internet because it’s too big..

student2: “i heard something about computer viruses, and i want to know about them”.

me: “yeah, we can talk about those in class because it’s a good thought since we’re using pcs and those can get viruses is we arent careful.”

student2: “can humans though? i mean, humans they are affected?”

me: ohhhhhh you dont want to catch the virus.  humans getting sick?

student2: :::nods:::

me:  :::holds it in::: no, no it okay, good question. you cant catch anything through the computer..

(goes and laughs outside for a bit.)

students= fun and quick learners!  if you’re reading this, thanks all for being a great class!


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  1. m a t t

    🙂 Thanks for sharing the fun!

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