Today was a nice day. A needed break from the drama and physically/emotionally/mentally trying experiences of the weekend and Monday.

I had my class do homework today—complete an exercise without me there and review tomorrow. They had to make headers/footers/use spell check/email me the attachment, etc. we’ll see tomorrow how they did.

As you may remember, I stay at a university called Africa Nazarene University in Rongai (outside the city). This week is “cultural week” on campus and today was the “pajama breakfast”. I made an appearance rather late and clothed normally, but I guess earlier, around 7, the place was hoppin with kids in pjs. At RIT, no one would participate. Then it was mismatch day. Total blast. Chapel discussed “servant leaders” as the only people who can make a difference in the country today.

I went to lunch for once and it was the best food day of the week in my opinion. I love when they cook bananas!

THEN I donated blood. Don’t freak out, it was totally safe, and when they say, “you’re saving 3 lives,” here there are really three people who die without blood. O positive, baby. I’ve never given blood so fast—no more 100 questions about where you’ve been and who you’ve slept with…just 5: “are you sick?” “have you had a tattoo,” etc.

Note: there is a giant lizard in here and I am aware of its presence but haven’t the slightest idea how to get it out. I saw him run from the ceiling down the wall and under my couch.

Moving on. I literally laid there 10 minutes and was finished. Amazing. Then I drank bitter lemon krest and went back to work on a website and few other things til we decided to walk to masai lodge (a few miles away..niice hotel pool we can swim in for 100 shillings!) with Jackie and okone. Yay. We had a blast. Then we walked back (ankle is being stupid again unfortunately) and jeanette came to enjoy terrific pizza (we love buy one get one free pizzas!)

Then we (sam stopped by too) played the “three truths and a lie” game and I dominated as always. Routine nightly walk with issac (tonight to buy milk), then back in here before the dogs get out. All in all a VERY good, very tiring day. I got a lot done in terms of writing/organizing/communicating and saved a few lives! ☺

In other news, I also had two revelations today in chapel: the speaker said:

a.) We all have an agenda (and whats yours?) Jesus agenda was to come save us and die and rise again..
b.) Jesus didn’t have a salary.

I liked both comments initially then got thinking.

a.) Jesus, even at the last minute wanted to change the part of the agenda where he dies…he was basically praying, “GOD if there is ANY way for me not to have to do this, lemme know!” his agenda was to save people, yes, but more importantly it was to do God’s will.
If we get into the mindset of having an agenda like: “I’m here to help kids in kibera” (which is good!) or “I want to evangelize to muslims”, then we are constrained. I’ve met missionaries who felt “called” to specific areas and they pray and spend time on certain types of people and treat others like garbage. Gotta be careful of agendas. I can promise that if I make my agenda “doing God’s will” itll be a lot better in the long run for being effective and not hurting others.

b.) Jesus DID have a salary. Lemme explain. I imagine Dad takes some of his pay every month from his paycheck to save in a retirement fund of some kind. Jesus simply took ALL HIS PAY and placed it into a “retirement fund”. It doesn’t end with “and became obedient to death on a cross.”

And God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that’s above every name so every knee will bow..etc. He is LOADED now, since going to heaven.

When people say, “how can you work for nothing?” I can now laugh. I don’t work for nothing, but maybe you do! It’s all gonna decay! Haha. Okay, so this sounds bad and I do often work for myself or temporary things. But seriously! I don’t care about getting paid anymore unless God has me in a place where I am getting paid (and he does in ROC.) i’m taking all of it and putting it into treasure for afterward.

Anyway..those were my thoughts today. Im exhausted. Night!

note: the lizard may or may not be in my bedroom. ive lost his exact coordinates and i’m concerned.



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  1. Mooney

    So, your saying God himself should be our agenda, not what we think we are called to. I guess that makes sense but you can’t rule out how God made you and why he made you the way you are (hope that isn’t confusing).

    At Urbana last year a speaker said, “Who better to help an alcoholic than some who was an alcoholic?”

    Being a butthead to other people that don’t fall into your “agenda” is, well, being a butthead, and no one likes those kind of people. A single sentence could make a change in someone’s life. Surprised missionaries can be that blind.

    I think what the pastor meant about the salary thing is that Jesus didn’t ask God how much he was gonna get if he died on the cross. Granted Jesus would already know, but this is in theory……

    What you stated makes sense to but I view it as more of a reward than a salary. A gift. Salary is something humans earn. We do not earn our way to heaven. That would imply we could lose it.

    I thought that ankle had gotten better, well looks like more to pray about.

    Keep hope and grace near.

  2. Barbara Bradshaw

    I think the giant lizard may solve the rat problem, or are the rats bigger?
    Your site is a joy to my heart.

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