bad morning

i didnt have time to grab coffee or go to the bathroom before running out to get a university van today at nine.  i was just happy to not have to take matatus–finally a rest!

cept i sat there at nine for a long time.  i started walking around 10 to “the junction”, a few miles away.  then around 10:30 i heard the van wasnt leaving for some time and knew i’d be late to my own class.

i took a matatu ($$$) to mbagathi road and began to walk hoping to see a matatu (but wasnt sure which was safe!)  So i literally ran up a 5km hill in less than 30 minutes with all my stuff.  i feel a bit ill but fine and i was only 20 minutes late to class–quite hot and disheveled.  anyway i cant complain cause i have two strong legs to carry me and it was just a bad morning.   afternoon will be lovely, visiting a school for children!

the biggest problem besides the lack of communication and expensive rides was this: love is in the air. well..lust anyway.  guys today are making 100 more comments than usual and theyre all in PACKS of like 20!  it is really weird.  i realized it might be because of v-day.  boo.  i hate it all.



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2 responses to “bad morning

  1. Mooney

    Just act crazy, they’ll leave you alone…. O wait, I don’t gotta tell you that.

    I hear you….. booo V-day…..booo freakin stupid men that caused a holiday like this…

  2. Mooney

    Now, that wouldn’t make sense if you thought I was talking about Valentines day, but here it is close to Vagina Monologue day…. So, I got confused….

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