Matatu from Heaven!

Today (Lori will appreciate it a lot)…”shackles” was on in our matatu. then stomp. then “DO YOU WANT A REVOLUTION!” i began to dance quietly and tried to get the others involved but they only smiled really.

anyway, today i hitchhiked to work the whole way with a superadorable elderly man from the falklands (off south america). He went out of his way to take me to ANU on Ngong! 😀 no giant hill today! but charles and i (he just gave me a valentines day flower) are walking before my meeting at 2 downtown.

edit: recieved 2 more flowers from my class, saw all of nairobi with charles and ate “extra large” fruit/ice cream at my favorite little place by railways (thanks for the introduction, lawrence!) happy freaking vday.

(ps. my mom was up praying in the middle of the night at the exact time i was walking to work and feeling more creeped out than usual…she had a bad dream about some guy chasing me and knew she had to pray from 2-3 am. it all made more sense after she read my blog the next day i suppose.) weird!


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  1. Julie

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Becca!! Arrika just sent me your blog address and I spent the morning ignoring my housework so I could read the whole thing from your dash to NYC to your dash up the hill with your backpack! Wow. I shared portions with Josiah as he was studying; thank you for taking the time to record your daily progress/trials/struggles/victories/concerns. Now we know how to pray even more specifically for you. (We prayed for Kamau at Women’s Prayer Sunday evening.) Our family is continuing to pray for you and can’t wait to hear more when you return.
    I’m praying the Lord will shower you with His Love in a special way today and that in His timing He will bring someone to share every Valentine’s Day with you for the rest of your life!

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