i am fighting a battle against rats that not only poop on my floor, they climb on my furniture and poop on my stuff.

this is unfortunate as i sleep on a piece of furniture (a bed) that is quite easy to climb.

i dont know how they are getting in or how to destroy a rat.  they may be winning the battle but i plan to win the war.  cowards.



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8 responses to “rats.

  1. m a t t

    i have no idea how to kill a rat without a trap.
    or a big knife.

  2. The best-known way to get rid of rats involves leading them away with musical instruments.

  3. But, the most effective way is to feed them poison carefully so no children find it.

  4. Mooney

    I heard putting a m-80 in their mouth can lead to quite a destructive death, just stand back a little bit.

  5. seems that room you live hasnt been occupied for long it has all kind of funny creation…giving you adventure you never asked for 🙂

    there is rat-rat [poison] sold on supermarkets but i wouldn’t advice you to use it coz the rats may eat the poison then after realizing things are bananas my decide to look for something to drink and end up at your utensils,which is dangerous to you…also when they die[any were in the room]you will have a crazy time looking were the smell is coming from

    so the only good i dear is a trap …there are several…long since i heard of rats……….

  6. Denise Hyland

    There is rat poison but then you have dead rats in your room, which might be worse.

  7. Nic

    I had to deal with some Rats in Puerto Rico. I just stepped on them with my size 20 shoe. Hopefully your shoe is big enough to do the job.

  8. anti

    i recommend using one of the many knives i am bringing with me, and throw it at them….moving targets to practice with!!! so EXCITING!!!!!

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