letters from the USA?!

today i got a letter from my mommy and two from miss rachel unkle. WHOM I LOVE DEARLY (BOTH OF YOU!)

finally. Salim wrote too. you guys make me soo happy you know. i cant even tell you how stupid i looked when i walked out of the place i got the letters. big smile. ha.

anyway, updates: i spent the weekend internetless so my first “they come to me” class was moved downtown, sucking away my saturday in a highly effective 2 classes in a row, then a meeting day. After, I ate french toast with my adopted parents here with real mrs. butterworths (real fake syrup?).

sunday i traveled early to riruta/satellite and taught sunday school, attended church and had another meeting with sodas and willing church members. They are going to sell their handiwork on Mathias (the pastor in my class)’s new site. (wordpress!) and they are going to add to their children’s program that is already running (smoothly). After church i went to jackies (former student) and the women put on loud videos from the congo and braided my hairs. mwaha. they looka like-a dreds.

today i made my first huuuge matatu mistake–i blame no food/hot sun. i didnt ask for change! the conductor made it look like i was about to be given it when i got to bomas (my stop) but i got off and didnt realize it til later. 200 bob for a ride to bomas!? it shoulda been 20. šŸ˜¦ i guess most people do it all the time…but it was my first. happy it was a 200 not a 500 or 1000.


i have some big news to share once it is finalized. finally, dan grunhaus is coming here friday and is happy to bring kids’ stuff donations and ESPECIALLY funds for the new program when he comes. email me at nelson.rebecca@gmail.com for his number or email. thanks!



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