papa dont read anything but the title!

on the road today:

i thought i saw a MIRAGE! (i was hungry and hot and exhausted and i saw the bus, then it was a truck. then it was the bus! and i got a ride! weird.)

i got kissed! (this was unpleasant and was impossible to avoid without a hysterical get your hands off me fit. it was just the hand after a short, “BUT I LIKE YOU” and me saying “BUT I DONT KNOW YOU SIR SO I DONT KNOW IF I LIKE YOU.”)

On the matatu ride sunday: our matatu ( i think ) hit a car and i slammed my knees into the seat in front of me and was fine. coulda sued for whiplash of the neck if i was in the states.

On the other matatu ride sunday: i sat up front and chatted with the driver–like being in a big rig with a stoned driver and no seatbelt (think flythrough the window). today i was actually seated in the middle of two men in the front of a truck and was higher than them on the seat and told him not to step on the brakes or i’d fly.


in other news: i hitchhike regularly but only on masai lodge rd. and my favorite is still the guy from the faulklands. 😀

also, the matatu drivers smoke a weeiiird thing like pot. All lllll lll the time. They are often high. Not grood!

We got laughing last night so hard I cried. Dinner conversation on accents:

“the best was the registrar last year giving the end of semester “no cheating talk”. He always says SHITTING instead of CHEATING.

“Whateva you do, you do fah duh lahd. Dats why we neva torerate shitting. Last yea-ah, 3 students wah caught doing it! Shitting! And dees was in da house of da lahd! If anyone shits in dah house of dah lawd it wir not be torerated.”

Also today at breakfast, okone and I worked on our bed, bent, belt, bird, bath, bet, bid and birth (day).

Me: “bat, like the animal, okone.”
Okone: “bed!”
Me: “Ok, good. Now bid like in an auction.”
Okone: “bed!”
Me: :::snickersnicker::: “Okay now birth like birthday!”
Okone: BED! BED DAY!
Me: :::head under the table laughing hysterically and pounding my leg.::: “okay, now..belt for your pants.
Okone: bed-DUH.
Me: uh, bent?
Okone: beddddd.

We did them all, too much typing, but you get the general idea.

Here we struggle with l’s and r’s. so the election news every night turns into a tellibre thing.

I get up early now (which is good cant get used to sleeping in!) and go to morning glory at 630. Today I dreamed my alarm was going off (and it was ) so I woke up at 627 and still made it there! ☺ we’re trying to get students to attend. Woo. We had 25 already today!



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5 responses to “papa dont read anything but the title!

  1. Hirarious! Thanks for the entertainment.

  2. m a t t

    your recklessness is inspiring.

  3. You might consider toning down the public declarations of recklessness where your Mom can read. She just yelled at me about your ‘hitchhiking’. Oh-oh.

    I also advise against semi-profanity like ‘freakin neck’. Becca, I am glad you might be able
    to continue serving there another month or two. Yes, we miss each other like crazy, but
    it is so encouraging to see you about your Father’s work.

  4. you are funny……funny ..good to see you are enjoying the stay 🙂

    mind your mama she will be worried bout your safety 😦

  5. Harry



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