matatu of the forty thieves


Good news: today ramon arrived and dan is supposedly coming at 730.

Bad news: took over 6 hrs for a 20 minute each way run to get ramon. we (jeanette and i) also managed to get into the matatu of the forty thieves.

I don’t like not having my bag on me, but was carrying ramons stuff already and jeanette helped me. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always hold it the same way I do with my hand on it…someone snatched my phone, wallet and her phone from her pockets/my bag.

Good news: my camera wasn’t taken. And we made it back safely to campus.

Bad news: the guys’ accomdation/ride for dan just cancelled randomly.
Good news: we got them a new place for free that’s next door to me! Ramon is asleep on the couch.

Medium news: still sick-but better than before. All I need to be ok to do ministry in the slums all weekend is NOT EAT A THING. Then theres no big issues except a bit of dizziness. So im not sure im better yet, but I feel better (as long as im not eating anything!)

To be honest, im not in the mood for much action as I look at tonight/the weekend. Today I miss home cause I’m sick and because whenever someone steals something it feels scary/terrible. I can not WAIT to see dan, and at the same time, I am tiiiiired and not wanting to go get him from the far airport. ☹ dan, if you ever read this, I am excited as can be possible with a parasite eating all my energy.

Now—the weekend as planned is in jeopardy, but it excites me to see what God has planned. It’s better than whatever we planned.

The stolen wallet
Messed up flights
Stolen phone
Never internet (its down all the time recently)
Cancelled rooms

Are an obvious attack but I am not gonna retreat. Today I nailed down my decision to stay until at least end of april. Crazy isn’t it? I almost regretted it and had a good cry today but decided against it. Who needs a good cry when some people don’t have phones to lose or food to get sick from? Sheesh.

In other news, my class threw me a soda and cake and present becca with a speech and a new Kenya shirt party on our last day today. Adorable.



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2 responses to “matatu of the forty thieves

  1. Hang in there! You continue to impress us all with the way you’re handling all the privations.

  2. seems the enemy isn’t happy with some characters being around …….i got some news for him………..we are more than conquerers and no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper …i love when i face challenges coz i know victory is right with me …………so for you guyz its a bad welcome for Ramon but rejoice coz God is on your side

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