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by Wergle Flomp

flobble bobble blop
yim yam widdley woooo
oshtenpopple gurby
yip yip yip
nish-nash nockle nockle
opfem magurby voey
Ahh! “Wurby tictoc?”
“quefoxenjib masaloouterp!”
bim-burm nurgle shliptog
afttowicky wicky wicky
erm addmuksle slibberyjert!
Reqi stoobery bup dinhhk
yibberdy yobberdy hif twizzum moshlap
dwisty fujefti coppen smoppen dob
tigtog turjemy fydel
saxtenvurskej brisleywum
swiggy swiggy swug
yumostipijjle dobers!

Here’s what Wergle got back…


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adventures daily

yesterday was a frustrating day in terms of comfort but a great day for our new program. it’s as if God was like, hey i can kill two birds with one stone–i’ll work on becca’s heart and character AND answer prayers for the ministry to have great weather and go swimmingly.

5:45 am-ramon and jen call me and wake me up! 😀

8AM bus comes. oh wait, no it is SUPPOSED to come so i was there early…but uh

9AM–i begin to walk in the quicksand to the junction (few miles).

9:30 i am sliding and almost hitting my face in the mud.

10ish: bus comes and takes me to town.

10-11 something Issac and i look for the right matatu. 38 or 39 to rui. issac goes to martial arts thing and i keep searching.

i decide it doesnt exist (the mat) and get in one for mwiki around 11:30.

12:30…still sitting in the mwiki-tatu. buy a banana and split it with my neighbor.

1 something– go to mwiki.
1:30 meet henry and three pastors. end up as the 19th person in a 14 person mat.
1:45-switch mats at a junction someplace. get on a bus. by now my face is plastered with a fake smile.
2:00 begin walking a couple miles to the field (its off the main road). catch a GIANT ORANGE TRUCK. YAY.

more walking and…::::::SWARM OF BUGGGGGGGGGGS::: regretting plans and getting texts from friends at the cinema who want me there. carrying bananas for lunch for the ladies. see 30 guardians planting our field together.

2:30 help plant seeds! best part of the day!

3 something: walk with the ladies back to the mat. all are hitting me on the way for having my phone out “IT COULD GET SNATCHED”.

3:40-movie i wanted to see starts. i have NO idea where i am.

along the way, a little man-woman (NO IDEA) wanted to take me to sarit, where the movie is. i say thanks and they start showing me which rides to take and PAYING. switch matatus.

i realize i want out. i say no thanks for your guiding service. little man woman (named mary) is offended and BEGGING me to get off “this is the end! please come with me!” in their scary trash neighborhood. driver shakes his head and i think “there is no way im getting off here.” text issac to come kick the mary’s bottom.

4ish: i shake the mary in the NEW HAWKERS MARKET. the bus i was on (van rather) stops in Muthurwa, home of 999 billion sellers of goods. theyve been banished here as have the mats–see article: . i could get a piki piki (motorcycle) to town but refuse and decide to walk. very low on fuel. bananas are not helpful after the first 3 miles.

5 something: meet issac for a drink. bizarre conversation. he buys me ice cream and fruit salad. mmm.

6 something. wakias come and get us! (THANK GOD). we go to uchumi cause theres still 2 hrs before dinner and we have time. weird canadian marketing manager stalks me (literally) through the store and tells me to buy things he loves for myself cause “have you discovered this yet?! THEY MAKE YOU A SANDWICH!” he tries to buy me ice to keep ice cream cold. i beg him to stop. i literally run to the car.

traffic. for a while. we miss dinner and get back after eight.

ice cream can not go in my freezer. (ive never had the opportunity to get it cause i always walk so im excited to have it in a CAR!) it melted in the terrrrrific traffic and jeanette has my keys. in town.

jeanette has no money for the taxi and has my keys. i meet her an hour later at the gate to pay for the taxi and get access to my apartment…

meanwhile we are cooking at jo and ken wakias. and its lovely. and though literally caked with mud and no access to a shower..chinese stir fry is being made (well ok not chinese but i had soy sauce!). i win settlers. we eat ice cream. life is good. so it ended better than the 8AM bus coming at 9:45.


also, have i mentioned that in the student golf tournament (card game) i am whoopin up all over and going to win! (dinner at RANGERS if someone doesnt stop me pretty quick!). this week the chaplain was jealous after and threw a flying termite in my face and it bounced into my shirt.


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forward thinking

had some deep posts recently and its time for a fun update.

i am returning in less than three weeks. things i havent had since christmastime:

a bath ðŸ˜Ķ <—–this can be remedied if i go to someones home who HAS a bath. i happen to know of two on our campus.

chinese food. <–tragedy.
mint chocolate chip ice cream <– my flavor-rit!
honey bunches of oats (or off brand thats better at wegmans).
moms food
real mexican
this could go on.

a hug from han, dad, micah, mom caleb or anyone else who matters
a date with papa.
a paycheck.
my bed.
full health, voice

things i wont have in the states:
contact with opportunities to help–in the same way
flying termites
amoeba (at least after a few weeks)
rats, snakes, slugs, could also go on.
jeanette, wakias, sam, sauda, jackie, others.
a job that varies to these extremes
any idea of how long im staying or what the heck is going on
peace that i can live however and its better than most so its ok

can not not be thankful…just wanted to post things i look forward to doing/eating/seeing.

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How to tell if you are a Christian

What do you do in your solitude? I mean, when you’re stuck waiting for a bus on a streetcorner with no phone/music/anything at ALL to read or distract you..where does your mind go? Does it go to God’s gift of love and his qualities or to something else? Whatever the something else is, that’s your idol.

soo..i am a christian but i wont lie, my mind OFTEN goes to something else. i am learning a LOT.

on that note, my power’s been out a few days so i type this from my desk at work. uh, its getting old with the rainstorms constantly and no ability to make tea–but it means i invite myself for tea to wakias and figure out what my mind does when i have no power/internet. it’s not pretty at all.

on a lighter note: today samuel was handed a LOT of the funds needed to start the school partitions (dividing the nursery and preunit) because my papa and my God are awesome. 😀 and i fed him and the district superintendent PBJ (their first.) no tea (no power) but milk, thank GOD or their first experience might’ve been a negative one. it was great to see the money in his hands and know exactly where it is going next–wood. we’re building our own partitions and benches. 🙂

last night’s class went well until we filled out a 45 minute ‘sucks time from your class and life’ form and then pushed submit the second the electricity went out. i laugh about it now. I went to the wakias and lost settlers after night class.

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The good samaritan

so the new morning schedule is:

wake up and go to 6:30 morning glory (but no alarm).
tea and maybe breakfast depending on mood and what we are having..

you can see the last one excites me a lot.

today’s message was called “neighbors”–you can google neighbors tim keller and get it. (new form of utter laziness on my part but seriously, go get it.)

It was all great, but two things stood out:

1.) The man who saved the guy in the parable of the good samaritan and brought him to an inn definately couldnt afford to do it. So the excuse, ‘i can barely afford to feed myself’ is lame…and not only good he not afford it (the road in the story is dangerous and he was risking his life), he reminded the innkeeper, “take care of him and anything else that costs anything ill pay later when i return to the inn.”

so to me, its crazy cause the innkeeper could be like “hmm, extra needs..”…and charge all sorts of stuff! but at the same time, what was the point in helping the guy if he leaves and the man dies cause he wasnt fully taken care of?

2.) Whatever you set your heart on will control you. If it’s work, your work will consume you. If its family, youll be controlled by your family. Whatever it is, if you get what it is, it won’t bring happiness. It didnt die for you. If you set your mind on God, he will control you (and he loves).

so anyway, i realized ive set my mind on some things and my heart too. i think its been on default: self and maybe human approval/work. but im changing every day. I am learning a LOT about duty and love.

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grover and friends
January 2008 – Late March 2008

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these are two of the greatest sermons i’ve heard in months:

i want very much for you to hear both of those.

in other news: the sites are going well, the field is plowed (spelled ploughed everywhere in the world besides america), the guardians are going saturday to plant greens and beans (YAY) and the kids are bummed cause saturday they wanted to come hear the bible, eat sweets and learn but its cancelled for fieldplanting day.

also, the guardians (i never go to meetings because i want them to do things themselves not because i am there) have formed two new committees: one for income generating marketing and working ideas and one for monitoring the field. we’ve got some people coming to teach classes in detergent making and bead making, hoping to sell soap to local schools and beads to well, tourists and people abroad.

its exciting and growing faster than i imagined it would. that’s one project-Mwiki. The second is the school and it’s also going great.

me personally, starting to really miss home and as things wrap up its feeling long but i dont want to leave either. the friends i’ve made here arent like any ive ever made and im going to miss our evenings together, meals, walks, settlers games and javahouse visits more than they could know. Not sure how long ill stick around america yet–but i know that i learned something in those two messages i wanted you to hear: 1.) in my heart there are sometimes things more important than God, and 2.) taking care of poverty isnt optional at all.

so i think there’ll be more of this. trying to decide whether or not to take a 10 hr long bus ride (at night) to western kenya to visit some churches who i said id come to. it is NOT close as i assumed and it would be all alone at night. ðŸ˜Ķ i might stay and try to up my health a bit but havent decided. ill keep you posted though!

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