a new posting

ive had guest so it has been hard to post.  my guyests like to use my laptop (facebook) and we’ve been traveling.

speaking of traveling, when i DO get to post longer it will involve:

a.) bus rides (LONG)

b.) night ferries

c.) bloody swatstika hostels with witch doctors who didnt want to be.

d.) swimming with dolphins in the indian ocean.

e.) dans sun poisoning.

f.) really beginning to miss home.

g.) monkeys outside the window scaring ramon.

h.) being a mzungu and always being ripped off.

 dan is mad sick but if he is better tomorrow we all go on a spice tour and to the CAVES!  i think he will be ok (too muich sun on our beach bikeride and snorkeling..)

then we catch a night ferry to dar and a bus to arusha.

 then later when they leave ill do a new posting!



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2 responses to “a new posting

  1. Michele

    wow. sounds like a crazy week. The swastika hostel sitch sounds… interesting? While swimming with dolphins sounds amazing! -and point G – hahaha ^_^
    I don’t know what a mzungu is (foreigner?), but being ripped off is never fun 😦
    Send Dan my well-wishes! Sun poisoning is never fun — I hope he gets better soon!
    *hugs* to you all – You’re in my prayers 🙂

  2. Greg

    Hey Becca,
    I know your busy but could you please e-mail the address I need to send $50.00 to the Morning Star office in America? What shoud I put in the envelope to indicate that I want the money to go towards the self-sustaining program? I believe this program involves buying land?

    Godbless ya,

    Greg Schudel

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