still in kenya

sorry, do copy and paste. i havent been able to post cause a.) the internet is slow and b.) dan and ramon were here. forget dan and ramon! there’s always people here! lol. and my job has changed.

what i was doing before:
classes 11-1 in a lab (more like 8:30-3)
starting programs
fundraising/connecting folks

what im doing now:
web content writing and working in IT for the university to pay for my rent, three days a week.
web content writing and design for a childrens home
getting an acocunt set up and connecting feed the children with our new school
helping build stuff/buy stuff so the school can open
creating a website so riruta church can sell products online (youll be informed!)
teaching class two days a week in nairobi
going camping in two weeks for the easter weekend!!

about zanzibar..i hope to post more later…

also, just so you all know–the money sent and raised for the new school and new programs is more beneficial than you can ever imagine. there will be MUCH more news/documentation on the entire subject–but we basically kicked off the school and the account is open/things are being built (the community is taking classes to build the little tiny benches for the nursery). it’s really happening! thanks again for encouragement and giving.


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