locked out

well, it’s sunk in that my friends have gone, and i am missing home and wanting to go a week or two and come back. (way too expensive though.) since i can’t, i really am happy to stay here and finish work i started–and start a few new projects.

Taking online courses means i need to be up somewhere around 3am so the internet is quick. im learning discipline. dan and i also talked together about the power of prayer–the more i learn how effective it is, the more i desire to be a stronger prayer warrior and realize i am not. working on it–part of it will involve MAKING time to pray, both by myself and in group settings (maybe my apt.?)

in other news, i finally made it on a drive through safari. it costs 40.00 pp just to get INTO nairobi national park, so we waited til:

a.) our friends had a car to take us around (can NOT see it on foot!)
b.) dan was here.
c.) we had a cold morning for animals–up early early early…

first thing we did was drive to impala picnic area and eat little breakfasty things and bananas and drink a bit of tea (my friend jo is british and simply MUST take tea). we left the door open (we thought in case we needed to jump in–the area is in the well-stocked up park and not fenced in.)

somehow the door managed to close..and all 4 locked.

so we sat in the rain/cold/lion infested area for hours waiting for help (no one knew where we were and we had limited cellphone service and the national park doesnt pick up the phone even after we get the # and neither does their local 999-same as our 911 but with no one on the other end. it was scary to say the least but dan was excited for the adventure. he had more fun after we were stuck outside but i wanted in (i have a mcnasty cold).

hmm..il be posting more soon on the ministries im finishing up–there are still those with questions on how to donate and i will try to get back to you individually. i went to woodley school on friday to see how the church runs things in kibera and i was inspired. years ago, someone from america (like me) sponsored it to just get started then took their hands off it…and now theyve got over 300 kids and feed them two meals a day! stoked.

ok to breakfast w/me-(aka tea and wonderbread!)


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