im tired

im wanting to write but im tired.

tonight ive wasted time more than of those “try to do work but shouldve just given up” nights.

i like my new job working in IT and i like that i get to eat in karibu for lunch now and not the other side. i also like that i am going on a “i never thought id see the day” SAFARI on easter weekend and staying in the lodge kofi annan would stay in, for 1/10 the price.

no idea how it happened.

uh..other news? programs are going well. do you want to buy amazing african handcrafts? dan and ramon brought a lot back for riruta church and ill bring more. soon we’ll have a site up w/pictues. πŸ˜€ eeh!

hm, what else. i miss micah and hannah and caleb and mom and dad and even the stupid dog. i feel im really accomplishing a lot and i am not behind yet in classes. (week 1).


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