on the road again

today is a big day:

first, ill finish my pineapple and coffee then leave for town (uuugh matatus.)
next, ill go to the bank to get SHILLINGS.
these are for: my safari this weekend to amboseli (easter w/the lions!) and for the field in Mwiki–we’re breakin ground! plowing before the rains come, then all the guardians of our orphans will come plant next weekend.

then i will go meet pastors to teach them (in an internet cafe — better internet than the university lab).

after class, ill go to Mwiki to MORNING STAR (you remember, where kamau was gonna be?) There are new orphans to meet and the director wants me to eat/stay with his family for dinner. im excited cause he has three kids my age–i met them last month to teach them wordpress..its lovely knowing theyll keep the site updated after it’s finished.

carlo (as ive said) has been helping me with the site and another site. of the four im working on, he’s been a big help in all…cause what he teaches me or fixes on one will pertain to the others. still learning all that stuff and doing what i can and sending carlo a lot of inquiries..

so ill sleep in mwiki cause it’s probably too far to get back tonight, then ill come home very early tomorrow.

murphys law: if you have a HUGE day of ministry followed by a 3 day excursion or more, you will feel especially sick and need to rest and not get to cause of all the stuff you have to do. today im not really up for much but i have much to be up for. so im-a gonna do it. it helps to remind myself “this isnt really bad at all,” like i did with my sunburn. btw, it was in my top 3 bad burns and it still itches.

so our field = getting plowed and african churches = committing to keep it planted, harvested, and so on. kids = got 18 orphans that we know are genuine and a few others who come to the program anyway. exciting.

our school = startin this week. got some funds (after a long rerouting to make sure they go through the correct channels) and we are already digging where the volunteers shack’ll be and getting ready to build walls for the school and benches..

websites–almost all content is written and if the internet’s fast enough we can get going on wrapping up content entry.

me: not so hot but excited about what’s being done and about the weekend if i am feeling ok. missing my family and hearing my room is clean (which is exciting and terrifying. i hope i can find my stuff!) wishing i could hug hannah and see her in her easter dress. sleeping in til almost seven and missing prayer (i blame grover).

so prayers as i attempt to be glowy today with new friends and teaching and photographing etc.


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  1. You’re tilling already in Mwiki?!? That’s awesome. Way to get a ball rolling quickly, Becca!

    Hang tough – and get some relaxation with the lions.

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