its official

im officially overcommitted and exhausted.

this isn’t an “im discouraged” or even a “i have to come home right now”. it’s more of a thankfulness for being used up and getting to see so much happen. It’s not a request for sympathy but is definitely one for prayer.

To be allowed to help others is an amazing thing. SO many people don’t get the opportunity to go places, see things, meet people, get sick, have close calls and see children saved.

Tomorrow i go with three amazing families to Amboseli National Park for the long weekend (Easter!) They’re all married. uh, awkward. 3 couples. Know what that means? There’ll be time for needed rest and prayer. emphasis on PRAYER–im really really excited to have time to read, see animals, pray and lay on my bed in God’s presence–i was going to say thinking but i am actually planning on doing as little thinking as possible.

i do a lot more laying on my bed here after work. at home you know i work 10 hours a day then go to class. i dont even think about my bed because it’s not a possibility. here, i work weird hours, like coming home at 8AM then going to work at 9 or teaching classes at night or in the early morning…so when i get a few minutes i like to spend them lying on my bed either face down or on my back..breathing. its not weird i suppose, but its new to me. i think it has to do with being sick.

update on being sick: (no complaining, simply specific prayer needs and an explanation:)

i have amoeba still and its actually worse than before–ill spare details about what the clinic told me. im not sure if its the thing itself sucking energy away, or the meds or the lack of sleep, but the past two days ive tried to be the cheerful me (and ive succeeded) but its getting harder. i dont feel good at all. really tired/weak. bleck. not good for a vacation with couples but i imagine its a game drive not walk.

i just finished drugs for a sinus infection so the antibiotics for that make me sick too.

my sunburn, that stupid “i should’ve worn sunscreen-worst burn ever” is still annoying me.

there are two other really gross issues we wont mention–still needing prayer so they’ll clear up.

uh, so besides being sick, and missing things and overcommitted you read good news yesterday. It’s exciting to see plowing in one project, digging in another, 4 websites being finished and a whole new section starting for my classes I’m teaching (all worked out today actually). next weekend im going to western kenya i THINK (bus not air) for a meeting and to teach.

realized the other day something cool:

we’ve been looking for a supposed herd of zebras outside the campus fence. people tell us of them and it became sorta an inside joke..we’d go often walking for miles to see if we could see zebras.

realized that some nights we’d actually go farther than they could be…but we were going the wrong way. i know this isnt so deep, but there was literally a crossroads and we took the wrong one one night and walked SOO far and were soo tired and saw NO zebras. we didnt want to turn back because we thought we MIGHT see the zebras if we go a bit further…then the other morning we didnt go as far and it wasnt as hard but we went the RIGHT way and saw 28 zebras!

the point: its possible to expend yourself and become exhausted and do things that really wont get you where you want to go. dont keep trying if what you’re trying isnt the right way! perseverance isnt always the key. sometimes its praying for guidance and sometimes its just straight up turning back and starting over. even with right motives and even with support of others (there were a lot of us that nozebra night) its easy (sometimes easier) to go the wrong way for a long time.

also, just because you havent seen zebras on your first 3 tries doesnt mean there arent 28 of them less than 4 miles away.

anyway, that was confusing. hope it made a bit of sense though. pray for me. (please).


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  1. Arricka

    Wow, Becca. I am really blessed by that last bit. Thanks. I shall have to ponder it further and possibly return to it and read it again. I think it is very applicable to my life frequently. I am reminded of a scripture in Ecclesiastes 10:10 which says, “If the axe is dull and [the woodcutter] does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success.”

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