Happy Easter, all!

I didnt really look for a basket today, since i’m 22 years old and not in north america. i did however look for lions, but today’s game drive produced none. we saw a LOT of elephants on our way out of amboseli national park, so no one is complaining.

on the way to the lodge on friday, i listened to a lot of worship tunes on my ipod and teared up a bit from all the beauty (this happens once in a while). i also had some sort of general desire to share in God’s holiness now, not just in Heaven someday. why–? because i am so tired of our brokenness and my disappointing others (ok, mainly sick of disappointing God). Some of you read this and dont know Christ and say, “dont be so hard on yourself.” its not like that…its like…i want to be with him face to face NOW because he is clearly the MOST amazing…God imagineable.

i just know (as much as i can anyway) what he deserves and that im soo lame. that is all.

now: short easter thought for Christians, then one for nonchristians. Papa, you read it already cause i emailed it to you then decided to blog on it:

Christian buddies:
Today we went to the chaplains hotel room for “church” before breakfast. it was quick, and Dr. James pointed out two things: 1.) the verse in Luke: “why do you look for the living among the dead? He’s not here! He’s risen”—but sometimes people look for life among dead things-and 2.) “the best is yet to come.” (not a verse at all).

He told the story of a woman in a church who was dying of cancer and was fine with it, really wanting to go be with Christ. She asked a man to help with her funeral arrangements and had a weird request—to have a fork placed in her hand while in the casket at the wake. She said that when people in church potlucks tell you “you can keep your fork” it means the best is yet to come. (there is gonna be pie!) And she wanted that to be her witness to other people–the best is yet to come.

it had a lot to do with what i was thinking of already–i spent a lot of time yesterday on our “bird walk”, asking questions to the masai guide who brought us round (outside in the national park with a spear to protect us). I asked what the masai believe about life, love, God, etc. He said there is nothing after death. i can not imagine believing that, but i could see my life would be a totally different–TOTALLY different one–if i thought it was over after death. we have hope! we cant ever complain! love on those who dont have the same hope. its so difficult.

Nonchristian buddies:
Today is a weird day in American/world culture…i realized today how insane it is that billions of people around the world really do believe Christ came, died and is risen again after being dead for three days. we never saw him and it was so long ago…and there are plenty of logical reasons to disbelieve it. but we believe it. some people say its cultural and a family thing/etc..but MAYBE its worth it to consider considering him as God. not saying anything other than to consider considering the chance that Jesus was who he said he was. I still think the man was God, insane or a liar. anyway, just weird that 2 billion people or more can all agree on what he did.


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  1. Steve

    On the comment for non-Christian buddies: Someone shared in church today that for him, the convincing proof that Jesus rose from the dead as written in the Bible, taught by all the Apostles and claimed in histories of the period is that each of the Apostles died as martyrs rather than deny the truth they witnessed. Would all of them, or any of them, give their lives for a LIE? People might lie for a cause, even if they only hoped it was true. But would they die for something they KNEW was a lie?

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