these are two of the greatest sermons i’ve heard in months:

i want very much for you to hear both of those.

in other news: the sites are going well, the field is plowed (spelled ploughed everywhere in the world besides america), the guardians are going saturday to plant greens and beans (YAY) and the kids are bummed cause saturday they wanted to come hear the bible, eat sweets and learn but its cancelled for fieldplanting day.

also, the guardians (i never go to meetings because i want them to do things themselves not because i am there) have formed two new committees: one for income generating marketing and working ideas and one for monitoring the field. we’ve got some people coming to teach classes in detergent making and bead making, hoping to sell soap to local schools and beads to well, tourists and people abroad.

its exciting and growing faster than i imagined it would. that’s one project-Mwiki. The second is the school and it’s also going great.

me personally, starting to really miss home and as things wrap up its feeling long but i dont want to leave either. the friends i’ve made here arent like any ive ever made and im going to miss our evenings together, meals, walks, settlers games and javahouse visits more than they could know. Not sure how long ill stick around america yet–but i know that i learned something in those two messages i wanted you to hear: 1.) in my heart there are sometimes things more important than God, and 2.) taking care of poverty isnt optional at all.

so i think there’ll be more of this. trying to decide whether or not to take a 10 hr long bus ride (at night) to western kenya to visit some churches who i said id come to. it is NOT close as i assumed and it would be all alone at night. 😦 i might stay and try to up my health a bit but havent decided. ill keep you posted though!


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