How to tell if you are a Christian

What do you do in your solitude? I mean, when you’re stuck waiting for a bus on a streetcorner with no phone/music/anything at ALL to read or distract you..where does your mind go? Does it go to God’s gift of love and his qualities or to something else? Whatever the something else is, that’s your idol.

soo..i am a christian but i wont lie, my mind OFTEN goes to something else. i am learning a LOT.

on that note, my power’s been out a few days so i type this from my desk at work. uh, its getting old with the rainstorms constantly and no ability to make tea–but it means i invite myself for tea to wakias and figure out what my mind does when i have no power/internet. it’s not pretty at all.

on a lighter note: today samuel was handed a LOT of the funds needed to start the school partitions (dividing the nursery and preunit) because my papa and my God are awesome. 😀 and i fed him and the district superintendent PBJ (their first.) no tea (no power) but milk, thank GOD or their first experience might’ve been a negative one. it was great to see the money in his hands and know exactly where it is going next–wood. we’re building our own partitions and benches. 🙂

last night’s class went well until we filled out a 45 minute ‘sucks time from your class and life’ form and then pushed submit the second the electricity went out. i laugh about it now. I went to the wakias and lost settlers after night class.


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  1. Great to hear. So, feeling loved = loving field?


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