The good samaritan

so the new morning schedule is:

wake up and go to 6:30 morning glory (but no alarm).
tea and maybe breakfast depending on mood and what we are having..

you can see the last one excites me a lot.

today’s message was called “neighbors”–you can google neighbors tim keller and get it. (new form of utter laziness on my part but seriously, go get it.)

It was all great, but two things stood out:

1.) The man who saved the guy in the parable of the good samaritan and brought him to an inn definately couldnt afford to do it. So the excuse, ‘i can barely afford to feed myself’ is lame…and not only good he not afford it (the road in the story is dangerous and he was risking his life), he reminded the innkeeper, “take care of him and anything else that costs anything ill pay later when i return to the inn.”

so to me, its crazy cause the innkeeper could be like “hmm, extra needs..”…and charge all sorts of stuff! but at the same time, what was the point in helping the guy if he leaves and the man dies cause he wasnt fully taken care of?

2.) Whatever you set your heart on will control you. If it’s work, your work will consume you. If its family, youll be controlled by your family. Whatever it is, if you get what it is, it won’t bring happiness. It didnt die for you. If you set your mind on God, he will control you (and he loves).

so anyway, i realized ive set my mind on some things and my heart too. i think its been on default: self and maybe human approval/work. but im changing every day. I am learning a LOT about duty and love.


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  1. I love coment 2…its inspiring the greatst battle i fight each day isnt btwn me and devil but me maself n Jehovah as i continue2knw His ways n as He moulds me to the vessel he wants….He is glorius God

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