forward thinking

had some deep posts recently and its time for a fun update.

i am returning in less than three weeks. things i havent had since christmastime:

a bath šŸ˜¦ <—–this can be remedied if i go to someones home who HAS a bath. i happen to know of two on our campus.

chinese food. <–tragedy.
mint chocolate chip ice cream <– my flavor-rit!
honey bunches of oats (or off brand thats better at wegmans).
moms food
real mexican
this could go on.

a hug from han, dad, micah, mom caleb or anyone else who matters
a date with papa.
a paycheck.
my bed.
full health, voice
SNOW! šŸ˜€

things i wont have in the states:
contact with opportunities to help–in the same way
flying termites
amoeba (at least after a few weeks)
rats, snakes, slugs, could also go on.
jeanette, wakias, sam, sauda, jackie, others.
a job that varies to these extremes
any idea of how long im staying or what the heck is going on
peace that i can live however and its better than most so its ok

can not not be thankful…just wanted to post things i look forward to doing/eating/seeing.


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