adventures daily

yesterday was a frustrating day in terms of comfort but a great day for our new program. it’s as if God was like, hey i can kill two birds with one stone–i’ll work on becca’s heart and character AND answer prayers for the ministry to have great weather and go swimmingly.

5:45 am-ramon and jen call me and wake me up! 😀

8AM bus comes. oh wait, no it is SUPPOSED to come so i was there early…but uh

9AM–i begin to walk in the quicksand to the junction (few miles).

9:30 i am sliding and almost hitting my face in the mud.

10ish: bus comes and takes me to town.

10-11 something Issac and i look for the right matatu. 38 or 39 to rui. issac goes to martial arts thing and i keep searching.

i decide it doesnt exist (the mat) and get in one for mwiki around 11:30.

12:30…still sitting in the mwiki-tatu. buy a banana and split it with my neighbor.

1 something– go to mwiki.
1:30 meet henry and three pastors. end up as the 19th person in a 14 person mat.
1:45-switch mats at a junction someplace. get on a bus. by now my face is plastered with a fake smile.
2:00 begin walking a couple miles to the field (its off the main road). catch a GIANT ORANGE TRUCK. YAY.

more walking and…::::::SWARM OF BUGGGGGGGGGGS::: regretting plans and getting texts from friends at the cinema who want me there. carrying bananas for lunch for the ladies. see 30 guardians planting our field together.

2:30 help plant seeds! best part of the day!

3 something: walk with the ladies back to the mat. all are hitting me on the way for having my phone out “IT COULD GET SNATCHED”.

3:40-movie i wanted to see starts. i have NO idea where i am.

along the way, a little man-woman (NO IDEA) wanted to take me to sarit, where the movie is. i say thanks and they start showing me which rides to take and PAYING. switch matatus.

i realize i want out. i say no thanks for your guiding service. little man woman (named mary) is offended and BEGGING me to get off “this is the end! please come with me!” in their scary trash neighborhood. driver shakes his head and i think “there is no way im getting off here.” text issac to come kick the mary’s bottom.

4ish: i shake the mary in the NEW HAWKERS MARKET. the bus i was on (van rather) stops in Muthurwa, home of 999 billion sellers of goods. theyve been banished here as have the mats–see article: . i could get a piki piki (motorcycle) to town but refuse and decide to walk. very low on fuel. bananas are not helpful after the first 3 miles.

5 something: meet issac for a drink. bizarre conversation. he buys me ice cream and fruit salad. mmm.

6 something. wakias come and get us! (THANK GOD). we go to uchumi cause theres still 2 hrs before dinner and we have time. weird canadian marketing manager stalks me (literally) through the store and tells me to buy things he loves for myself cause “have you discovered this yet?! THEY MAKE YOU A SANDWICH!” he tries to buy me ice to keep ice cream cold. i beg him to stop. i literally run to the car.

traffic. for a while. we miss dinner and get back after eight.

ice cream can not go in my freezer. (ive never had the opportunity to get it cause i always walk so im excited to have it in a CAR!) it melted in the terrrrrific traffic and jeanette has my keys. in town.

jeanette has no money for the taxi and has my keys. i meet her an hour later at the gate to pay for the taxi and get access to my apartment…

meanwhile we are cooking at jo and ken wakias. and its lovely. and though literally caked with mud and no access to a shower..chinese stir fry is being made (well ok not chinese but i had soy sauce!). i win settlers. we eat ice cream. life is good. so it ended better than the 8AM bus coming at 9:45.


also, have i mentioned that in the student golf tournament (card game) i am whoopin up all over and going to win! (dinner at RANGERS if someone doesnt stop me pretty quick!). this week the chaplain was jealous after and threw a flying termite in my face and it bounced into my shirt.



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2 responses to “adventures daily

  1. ital adventure i love this.. 🙂

  2. What a day! I’m tired just from reading that.

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