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free (plural) cone(S!) day

Ben and Jerrys offered us all free cones yesterday.  i didnt beat the record of like..15 and i bet ryan ate 12 or 13 but i did what i could to set my own records…


Amy: how did you do that?
me: uh get in line over and over
but i ate more than that cause
my friends let me try theirs
Amy: wow
Me: phish food, strawberry kiwi sorbet
vanilla yogurt
Amy:  you sneaky little brat.
Me: lol. strawberry cheesecake
cinnamon roll
mint chocolate chip
half baked yogurt
half baked ice cream
whirled peace
uhm chocolate fudge brownie yofurt
lemonade sorbet
mango mango sorbet
berry berry extraordinary sorbet
and..there was one more…
i dont remember
Amy:  I had Chocolate Therepy
Me:  oh that was the other one perhaps!
great choice.

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still back

you see, this blog is somewhat boring when im in the States.

i think ill have to start having adventures around rochester–adventures in you have something exciting to read here.  prayer requests: still not feeling 100 percent, (amoeba/jet lag), VERY unmotivated to do anything i am supposed to be working on, uhm, missing friends…

praises: i am back!  in one piece!  lots of quality time with my siblings.  😀  journeying to fl in a week.

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im home.  i slept about 9 hours over 4 nights and i am a basketcase.  but im home.

i already miss people and its been really weird as many dont know i am back yet.  but here we are.  ive got a bit of time scheduled in to finish sites, finish courses, unpack, reply to emails, get situated, etc.

more to come.  not sure what else to say except a.) im really really tired and b.) i have so much to do. oh and c.) thank God for how smooth my return has been already–transfers and rides and whatnot were really great.
the worst thing so far has been missing friends there and choosing “around the world” as a setting today at the gym on some exercise machine (aka torture device).  i enjoy running outside towards herds of zebras more than “round the world” on an elliptical or something.  oh and laundry/unpacking.  loads and loads.  bleck.


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thursday already

as expected, the week has flown by.

Henry’s daughter, Joyce, spent the night with me last night.  we had a last supper at wakias (casserole named after me: potato beccasserole), settlers (KEN WON!) and a weird ::i’m leaving::: feeling.  😦  my young friend (she’s 13!) was shy and reserved and watched a lot of TV after going to my place for a no other people breath of air but i think she had an all around great time too.  she hasnt left yet and is at my place now while im in the lab.

i am selling my wonderful guitar to a wonderful friend.  i didnt wanna give it up, but its much easier for me to get a new one than for her to try to get an affordable one here.  so ill have more space for bringing things back, i suppose.

several meetings today including one at 8:30 i just had with the director of dryland resource management..gonna help him get his stuff online.  exciting.  cant wait til VA (new site at–they used a LOT of the content i wrote) hosts our chorus and familyfocus sites.

uhm..other news…the plan was to go out with issac today to see his work (an NGO, JRS (catholic charity)) but im too afraid to ride matatus since there is a threat to behead ANYONE who takes public transport.

ive been packing my life up and giving extra stuff to folks–black pepper, peanut butter, things like that all need homes.  🙂   its weirder than weird to think about being home and im thinking culture shock is gonna hit me 100 times harder this time than the two others.  its never easy.  God is always bigger than culture shock.

most exciting things about home (in order):

hugging my family (papa too!)

seeing my friends and church family

taking a bath (sorry about the order)

fast internet

food: (mom + chinese + amoeba free salad + mint chip ice cream.)

my bed and spotless antless bedroom

worst things about leaving:

leaving friends

leaving friends

leaving friends

not being finished (ever)

leaving the warmth

not knowing when ill return

leaving jo’s food.

leaving the carless environment (walking vs. paying for my gas..)

leaving 10 cent avocados and 3 cent tomatos..

leaving the adventure of a new agenda daily

30 hour journey.


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disappointing cancellation

couldnt go to the meeting today about feed the children in kibera.  why?  cause i wanted to keep my head on my shoulders and my body in one piece…it’s disturbing to me that if i hadnt watched the news i wouldve gone there and its not remotely safe and no one told me about it all..(again i guess)…moral of the story: watch the news or read it or SOMETHING so you do not get blown to pieces.

last night velma and i watched movies (premonition, too freaky and toy story her first time).  so many movies, i know..beeeecauuuse…youll see when i get back to ROC if you’re around anyway.

uhm, ill be in NYC at the same time as the king of the catholics.  interesting. i saw him once in person when i snuck into the vatican.  otherwise never met the guy.

i love velma and helping her cook and sleepin over and things.  two girl nights in a row as tonight henrys daughter joyce is sleepin over at my apartment.  😀  note to self: never bring ice cream again when there is no freezer at the place im sleeping at.

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white water.

so..i just spent 3 days in uganda.

i white water rafted the nile river.

and swallowed about 6 gulps while sucked under for too long.

it was amazing.  other highlights included riding at least 10 motorcycles because theyre the only affordable mode of transportation and i was LATE LATE LATE to the station to get our tix home (terrible experience).  winning a pool game, scaring salim out of his mind by pretending a piece of pineapple was a crocodile (rub it up against an arm while swimming in the nile and you get to scare others.)  uhm, bhajias and chutney on the long ride..flipping out of the raft 3 times..pineapple consumed during the entire journey.


bus ride of terror (they closed the road due to clashes on the way back and it was a bit freaky.)  that was the way home.  it was the bumpiest ride on the face of the earth i think.

pikipiki ride (or is it boda boda) of blecky driver trying to rub my knee and drive at the SAME TIME.  HANDS ON THE HANDLEBARS PLEASE.

bus ride of freezing (so cold i could cry) on the way to uganda. being jumpy cause i was so warned about being robbed and i woke up with a start a few times when people were just asking for tix.  we almost missed the bus on the way back cause the border took so long (and jeanette had two exams to get back for on tuesday!)

uh, people drunk out of their minds and stumbling into our dorm and puking outside for 10 minutes STRAIGHT.

salim waking me up at 3 am “DO YOU HEAR THE RAIN?!”  he’s going to get it.

rain during the first 1/2 of our rafting day (SO FREEZING!) but loved the sun after..except:

sunburn of the century, invaded muscle tissue in my legs and i couldnt walk without them hurting like a burning machate was cutting…maybe a 2nd degree burn.  i wore spf 70, mom.

other trip notes: we went to mwiki on friday to say bye to henrys fam and they made me feel TERRIble for not spending the night. 😦  i had a great time seeing the guardians making jewelry (youll LOVE it when i get it back for sale) and visited a reeeally hurting kids home…we also said bye to morning star and i wished i could return before i go this week.  henrys kids already miss me a lot. 😦

life’s not fair–thats what i always think of when i see a really messed up childrens home without a decent roof and three kids to a bed.  its terrible.  i dont understand why i have a big warm bed and they have a cold wet bed and two other kids in it too.  😦 ok, rephrase–messed up building-amazing kids home with a devoted “auntie” and “mama” and 25 kids or so.

this week:

working all day, teaching at three (new pastor wants a class now that im leaving)…then going to a friend’s for a last night together doing hair braiding/girlie things.

tomorrow:  work then city to pay for my planeticket, kibera slums for a meeting (hopefully getting connected with feed the children for our school!) please pray, the meeting is one of the reasons i extended my ticket til now.

thursday: working all day, meeting…packing.

thursday night…hmmmmmm…

friday: give things to people (funds, extra things i dont need, etc.) debrief maurice on what still needs to be finished, where all my files are for the website, working..etc.  friday night: plane.

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sad meeting

today a woman came to visit me (took her a long time to find my apt. since i didnt know she was coming and she has never met me and i was at work…thats a story in itself though…)

she told me who she was–helen’s aunt.  Helen is a beautiful young lady who needed money to go to school and my pastor decided he needed to send her a gift/letter.

When i came in Jan., i brought funds in an envelope for helen and gave them to a pastor who gave them to her teacher.  the woman showed me the letters she had recieved concerning the funds coming and my church praying/etc. since novemeberish.  she told me her sister had recently died, and reminded me that helen is still in great danger and in need at home up north.

then she told me the money was stolen from a teacher in the school because a man came (who they knew!) and said he was the girl’s brother (he is not.)  and she was so upset..i didnt know what to say but made her coffee and a pbj and listened to the rain and her speaking to me.  i listened a lot and we came to the conclusion that God is faithful and always has a plan.  but it was awful.  i felt like she wanted me to do something–anything (im delivering a letter for her to the states) but i wasnt sure what else to do or say.  People here “eat others’ money” as she put it.  and it’s terrible.  sounds like the reason helen needs funds for boarding school is cause she is growing up BEAUTIFUL and SMART and the men in her village can really take advantage of her if she is not at school.

its discouraging.  and while i am glad to hear it wasnt the person i dropped it with (my student and a pastor) who lost the money, im still really sad/shaken up about the entire thing and my heart just really went out to the lady in my living room this afternoon as she tried not to cry.  😦

tomorrow: saying bye in mwiki + going away for the weekend.  bitter that my headphones were taken right before my 12 hr bus ride and 12 back in 72 hours or something.

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