Today on facebook in my status i wrote that i had a free ride to harvard.

and people believed me. plenty of congrats, etc. on my profile..

now. it feels good that people believed me and know im a smart cookie. but its also scary that im sure people assume im in some other weird organization–if people found out in 35 years i worked for the FBI now, no one would be shocked.

tonight i didnt get the bath i hoped for but i got mac and cheese, biscuits and other midwestish yummy food cooked by our chaplains wife from indiana. she makes the best biscuits ive had in my entire life. well, tied for top with francois’ in new orleans. heck i dont even like em and i loved these things.

anyway-not a bath but fellowship then old movies. MASH too.


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  1. dad

    Happy April Fools! lol

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