praise report

don’t be alarmed.

in every country i end up living for a period, there is a hill. i adopt it as my own. in bethlehem it was one huuuge hill id try to run up without stopping–on the road from beit lahem to beit jala and one on the way home.

croatia had a LOT of stairs but there was one area i called the WARP zone, if you made it to the top you could get anywhere and run around the entire city then come down.

here, theres a hill i run or walk to on the way to the zebras, then i run up and down it and people say “are you practicing?”

the security people said it was ok to go that way but today a man stopped me (he asked yesterday to see my ipod and i said tomorrow i have to go) so today he stood there and said let me see it. then he checked it out, messed up the sermon i was hearing from the FathersHouse and took it out of its case.

then he said GO HOME.

and i said what, cmon please dont do that..

and he said GO HOME!

i said go home.

and then i used God’s gift and maybe an instinctive physical weapon..tears. not the “thats MY ipod and you are a meanie” tears, but more, “man. no matter what i do, theres people in so much need that they can actually just take my own thing, and look me in the eyes and say go home. this poor guy.” and i was scared of him cause no one was around and he was, well..scary.

so i had about 3 large crocodile tears roll down my face as i muttered something about “all my stuff is on there, ill bring it back tomorrow, my hw is on there..” which may have been a lie but i dont know. it was at one point.

and he said “dont cry”.

i said DONT CRY.

and then he gave it back and i walked away and he said, “don’t cry!” and folks, dont worry–not reckless and wont go there alone again ever. they told me it was an ok place to go.

😦 not a nice way to start the day but hey! im alive! im hoping to go bring a guy with me who knows the language who can help me give the guy the ipod and the good news–cause he needs good news and my ipod is mad old anyways. pray for him?


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