two days ago during breakfast (YELLOW STUFF!), salim walked in.  from the states.  he came to visit me on his way to rwanda. amazing,  im considering uganda with him on his way and rafting while there.

yesterday–salim and i went all around to embakasi, the airport, the post office.

it was hot and is important to note that we counted and recorded 12 needless stops when picking up my parcel.  i went to the post office and had a woman stamp a thing and send me to another woman who stamped a thing then sent me to a man who stamped a thing (i tell you, not one of them checked anything out.  so much stamping.  no giving me my parcel, but stamping galore.  for twelve stops.)  it was from dan!  it made my week.  🙂

today jeanette, me ,gift and salim went EVERYWHERE.  we walked SOO far cause (with me as the “mzungu excess”) the police finally pulled over a matatu i was in for having too many people in it.  we had to get out and tried to take a 7 km or so shortcut to the road we wanted on foot.  some taxi drivers said its insecure but then..they’re drivers.  of course they say that.  we walked at least 1/2way when these other men told us “there are boys up ahead who will rob you.”  we thought we could take em til we heard they had knives.  so we walked BACK (this is after walking the 5 or so km to rongai and the 3 or so km to where we were…)  we got a ride in a pickup later on, walked again, saw a kids bible quiz/program, got ice cream and soup and took 3 matatus back to rongai.  these took forever.

velma made us egg curry for dinner and we had a great time til we turned on the mexican soap they all watch.

things take longer here. rides/traffic. besides the post office (which i simply laughed at and will never forget..) theres just the in general, we want to watch a movie, it takes 2 hrs to get people/laptop/movie ready. things just..dont go quickly.

meanwhile yesterday we DID sit in traffic for what mightve been 5 hrs and today we did walk maybe 15 km or something.  im learning patience.  golf tourney update: single elimination for everyone but me last night. i got to play twice for the win (dinner at a nice restaurant) and had my butt kicked twice.  terrible. update: the new partitions have been finished and it’s beginning to look more like a school!  now on to building the benches for tiny little bottoms.


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