ra ra ra sis boom ba pararararasites

MOVIE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAZXiDstEw4&feature=related  im going to the bad place on my journey.

Im a little bitter today because I went to the clinic and:

It seems I still have amoeba/parasite(s) or both or something.  Lovely.
More importantly—I leave in a WEEK and found out today I can get a card for the dining hall for a “low-oil” diet.  Wow.  This would’ve changed things quite a bit.  I would’ve not been throwing out 2/3 of my plate for the past 3 months or felt yucky all the time.  How irritating.

Anyway, some kids don’t have ANY food so I certainly cant complain.  Just letting it roll off my back and I’ll try to forget it and take the many pills I got today—cant go rafting on the nile this weekend feeling yucky, can we?

In other news: the walls and benches in family focus school are complete, because of your donations.  Family Focus Foundation has received a 5000 shilling (90 dollar?) loan to begin making banana fiber jewelry and other handicrafts.  I’ll be bringing home a LOT of products from two very poor communities and I hope everyone will buy some African crafts. ☺  no pressure, but they’re all beauuuutiful.  I’ll get the ebay URL from ramon (he set a site up after he took pictures of the stuff we already sent back to the states.)  Then you can start buying stuff asap.

Oven mitts, wooden carvings, jewelry, etc.  All the money will go to either the pastor’s family and his church (they need a permanent space for a school) in satellite, Kenya or to family focus foundation in Mwiki.  Family Focus is also making soaps to sell to the local community—not relying all on our purchases or anything.

I designed a logo for FFF today.  If I had power, I’d put it on the site or something.  Right now I am trying to work on stuff I don’t need internet for (including what im writing now)…newsletter/logo/letterhead and other stuff im leaving for henry (our boss!) 😀  glad he has a board and 2 committees helping him out (not to mention a wife who is amazing!)

Anyway, the remaining week is like this:

Thursday, work all day—meeting at night with jo to work on a site for Nairobi chamber chorus (to be hosted by VanDamme!)
Friday: go to mwiki at the crack of dawn and visit henrys fam/guardians/morning star.
Saturday 6AM go to Uganda (12 hrs) with jeanette.
Sunday: Raft the nile.
Monday: return to Nairobi.
Tuesday, work.
Wednesday, work and pack and sleep at velmas (chick flicks and braiding hair!)
Thursday: last night…



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2 responses to “ra ra ra sis boom ba pararararasites

  1. Very comendable work siz…God bless….so sad the animals amoeba are drainig ur energy we rem u in prayes b strong

  2. Saturday 6AM go to Uganda (12 hrs) with jeanette.
    Sunday: Raft the nile…
    this is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn! Real fun….oueaouaouea…take good care of Jeanette 🙂  

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