sad meeting

today a woman came to visit me (took her a long time to find my apt. since i didnt know she was coming and she has never met me and i was at work…thats a story in itself though…)

she told me who she was–helen’s aunt.  Helen is a beautiful young lady who needed money to go to school and my pastor decided he needed to send her a gift/letter.

When i came in Jan., i brought funds in an envelope for helen and gave them to a pastor who gave them to her teacher.  the woman showed me the letters she had recieved concerning the funds coming and my church praying/etc. since novemeberish.  she told me her sister had recently died, and reminded me that helen is still in great danger and in need at home up north.

then she told me the money was stolen from a teacher in the school because a man came (who they knew!) and said he was the girl’s brother (he is not.)  and she was so upset..i didnt know what to say but made her coffee and a pbj and listened to the rain and her speaking to me.  i listened a lot and we came to the conclusion that God is faithful and always has a plan.  but it was awful.  i felt like she wanted me to do something–anything (im delivering a letter for her to the states) but i wasnt sure what else to do or say.  People here “eat others’ money” as she put it.  and it’s terrible.  sounds like the reason helen needs funds for boarding school is cause she is growing up BEAUTIFUL and SMART and the men in her village can really take advantage of her if she is not at school.

its discouraging.  and while i am glad to hear it wasnt the person i dropped it with (my student and a pastor) who lost the money, im still really sad/shaken up about the entire thing and my heart just really went out to the lady in my living room this afternoon as she tried not to cry.  😦

tomorrow: saying bye in mwiki + going away for the weekend.  bitter that my headphones were taken right before my 12 hr bus ride and 12 back in 72 hours or something.


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  1. U can buy headphns in town b4leaving othewrse u’ll b bored2death….Jeanet’s stories wont keep u busy4over t2nt4 hours of trvel 🙂

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