disappointing cancellation

couldnt go to the meeting today about feed the children in kibera.  why?  cause i wanted to keep my head on my shoulders and my body in one piece…it’s disturbing to me that if i hadnt watched the news i wouldve gone there and its not remotely safe and no one told me about it all..(again i guess)…moral of the story: watch the news or read it or SOMETHING so you do not get blown to pieces.


last night velma and i watched movies (premonition, too freaky and toy story her first time).  so many movies, i know..beeeecauuuse…youll see when i get back to ROC if you’re around anyway.

uhm, ill be in NYC at the same time as the king of the catholics.  interesting. i saw him once in person when i snuck into the vatican.  otherwise never met the guy.

i love velma and helping her cook and sleepin over and things.  two girl nights in a row as tonight henrys daughter joyce is sleepin over at my apartment.  😀  note to self: never bring ice cream again when there is no freezer at the place im sleeping at.


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