thursday already

as expected, the week has flown by.

Henry’s daughter, Joyce, spent the night with me last night.  we had a last supper at wakias (casserole named after me: potato beccasserole), settlers (KEN WON!) and a weird ::i’m leaving::: feeling.  😦  my young friend (she’s 13!) was shy and reserved and watched a lot of TV after going to my place for a no other people breath of air but i think she had an all around great time too.  she hasnt left yet and is at my place now while im in the lab.

i am selling my wonderful guitar to a wonderful friend.  i didnt wanna give it up, but its much easier for me to get a new one than for her to try to get an affordable one here.  so ill have more space for bringing things back, i suppose.

several meetings today including one at 8:30 i just had with the director of dryland resource management..gonna help him get his stuff online.  exciting.  cant wait til VA (new site at–they used a LOT of the content i wrote) hosts our chorus and familyfocus sites.

uhm..other news…the plan was to go out with issac today to see his work (an NGO, JRS (catholic charity)) but im too afraid to ride matatus since there is a threat to behead ANYONE who takes public transport.

ive been packing my life up and giving extra stuff to folks–black pepper, peanut butter, things like that all need homes.  🙂   its weirder than weird to think about being home and im thinking culture shock is gonna hit me 100 times harder this time than the two others.  its never easy.  God is always bigger than culture shock.

most exciting things about home (in order):

hugging my family (papa too!)

seeing my friends and church family

taking a bath (sorry about the order)

fast internet

food: (mom + chinese + amoeba free salad + mint chip ice cream.)

my bed and spotless antless bedroom

worst things about leaving:

leaving friends

leaving friends

leaving friends

not being finished (ever)

leaving the warmth

not knowing when ill return

leaving jo’s food.

leaving the carless environment (walking vs. paying for my gas..)

leaving 10 cent avocados and 3 cent tomatos..

leaving the adventure of a new agenda daily

30 hour journey.



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2 responses to “thursday already

  1. Dad

    Many hugs await you from many of us. I’m so glad I get to be the first in line! Keep you head as you prepare to g0. (Yes, please do avoid that mats while the mob is threatening riders.)

  2. sob! sob! sob! :(….we will really missssssssssssss you princesss

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