free (plural) cone(S!) day

Ben and Jerrys offered us all free cones yesterday.  i didnt beat the record of like..15 and i bet ryan ate 12 or 13 but i did what i could to set my own records…


Amy: how did you do that?
me: uh get in line over and over
but i ate more than that cause
my friends let me try theirs
Amy: wow
Me: phish food, strawberry kiwi sorbet
vanilla yogurt
Amy:  you sneaky little brat.
Me: lol. strawberry cheesecake
cinnamon roll
mint chocolate chip
half baked yogurt
half baked ice cream
whirled peace
uhm chocolate fudge brownie yofurt
lemonade sorbet
mango mango sorbet
berry berry extraordinary sorbet
and..there was one more…
i dont remember
Amy:  I had Chocolate Therepy
Me:  oh that was the other one perhaps!
great choice.

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