This has been one of the weirdest weeks of my life I think.  Maybe.

To come from Kenya to Rochester was strange for me because how I was living and what I was seeing was very different from what I lived and saw upon return.

But Orlando has to rank in the top 10 most materialistic cities in the most materialistic country in the world.  Top five cities I think..perhaps.  Yesterday I was by a beautiful pool getting ready for a “dive-in” movie with the kids (swim + Alvin and the chipmunks).  I was reading a fantastic book by steve peifer (witty and effective missionary to Kenya).  It’s called “your pal, steve”.  He basically compiled his emails from several years in kenya and put em into a book.

Anyway, I read a story about a girl who didn’t want to leave a hospital.  Steve visited kids there and asked why the little girl was crying as she left..’was she still in pain?’  A nurse explained that she didn’t want to go home because in the hospital she gets 3 meals a day and home she never has enough.  Another story I read said that he visited a school (like ours in kware) and the kids were all lying on their backs.  When asked why, a teacher explained that it was Thursday, and most of the children hadn’t eaten since Monday and would faint if they sat up.

So, as im reading, im coming from a day of epcot and Hollywood studios with siblings who had complained about “starving” while we were there because we’d only had breakfast and ice cream the whole day and it was 2! (heavens!)…so we went to some southernish buffet with over 300 types of food (my guess) and at least 21 desserts and 3 ice cream machines.  I was reading by the pool feeling as full as a person could without being gluttonous, and basically started crying as I remembered the faces I saw in Kenya.

I missed home and all my friends and family.  Work’s looking forward to my return and I look forward to seeing them, doing work again and receiving a paycheck.  My master’s is getting quite nailed down (more on my BIG PROJECT later) and I’ll be done God willing by November.  But it’s hard for me to be in NY again I think..(and obviously it wasn’t a great idea to go straight to Orlando.)  its like being sick for three years with strep throat, then getting better and immediately screaming all of bohemian rhapsody and eating thumbtacks.  Ok, maybe not but its similar.

Speaking of sore throats, my voice is still gone.  I know it sounds weird but I really miss it and am gonna start asking for serious prayer.  Even if you could just pray that I’d pray, thatd help.  Ive got little discipline and will post later on what im learning about prayer but I always forget to ask God about my voice since there’s other stuff to pray for. I went to the doctors for: amoeba, voice, 2 other awkward ailments and things I cant remember…and forgot to ask about my voice.  I don’t want to pay another 30 dollar copay so im not sure when I’ll return there.

Anyway—typing this from our rented minivan.  We went to Typhoon Lagoon this morning all day then began our journey to Atlanta.  I’m getting a bit carsick because of a.)  eating primarily oranges and teddy grahams today and b.) micah keeps touching my legs with his feet.  he is too big for the van.

Typhoon lagoon is definitely the best part of Disney world.  Standing in line with caleb makes lines go way quicker, because he has mastered the Scottish accent and basically –time out so I can say this: Hannah is singing “gotta pee pee pee” and has been for 10 minutes and I think we need to pull over asap.  Anyway back to caleb. He says “ya wee little frooot” in his Scottish accent and it’s HILARIOUS.

Hannah and I shared a bed as I was warned we would (before my return and Ive been excited to spend time with her).  She is a roller and slept backwards with her feet in my face the other night without warning.  The next morning when I told her “you kicked me in the face hard” she said sleeping that way was more comfortable.

I also watched cable at night (we never had it growing up) and one movie was called 10 to starter or something like that with mr. tumnus the faun (james mcavoy). It was bizarre. Speaking of him,  prince Caspian!  Soon!  The summer is looking like a greatmovieextravaganza.

Now Hannah is singing “my bladders going to explode” repeatedly and saying, “mom should I just pee my pants”?  not good. NOT GOOD AT ALLLLLLLLL.

I’m gonna go suggest a game.  The QUIET GAME.  Hope it works.

Ps.  The roads here are SO SMOOTH!  OH MY!  And now caleb said open the windows sorry guys (ahhhhhhhhhh) and Hannah is simply screaming PEE!  PEE!  PEE!!!  If you never see me again, it was death by minivan.

pss.  posting this from KY (finally).  yay.  the atlanta aquarium was fantastic and seeing what God made under the sea just for himself always makes me want to know him more because he is amazing.



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2 responses to “vacation!

  1. judy

    ATLANTA aquarium hmmm?? Mark wants to take Steele and I down there, he just doesn’t like the airport and some sections of Atlanta too well!!

    Trip sounds more like Nelson Vacation, should’ve been a movie. Hannah could sing the songs and the boys could be boys. Did you stop to visit Sarah?

    Tell everyone we say Hello, should come visit some weekend. Judy

  2. err… a very serious post 🙂

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