2: number of days ive worked this week

6: number of jetblue tickets i have left to sell by like..autumn and winter.

1: number of free birthday cones it takes to satisfy arricka and i at the same time.

0: number of cool phones i have.

7: number of people who are extremely annoyed at work when my phone rings.

6: time i get up.

0: days i pray enough as i should.

100: percentage of how much my friends are going be missed when they graduate and leave (on my friendometer).

2: days left til i see prince caspian.

-3 days til bec2 gets home! (YAYYAYAYYAY!)

i miss kenya bad.  its really good to be back at work.  theres a new girl who is super awesome.  i read a story yesterday about a kenyan kid playing some homemade xylophone made out of fence posts, and how anyone else mightve looked at what he was holding in his hands and given up, but this kid played it AMAZINGLY.  what do you really have in YOUR hand?  maybe its better than you think it is.


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  1. ur insane creative…:) ..the number did you think bout it …:)

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