and oh!

Pray for me without ceasing too!  🙂  okay, thats a bit selfish.  THANK you for prayers.  Anyone who prayed for me at all on any day i was in Kenya.

Now.  Without sounding like a prayers-hoader:

MANY people told me yesterday at our picnic, “Becca, I prayed for you every day while you were gone.”

a.) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i.) now it makes sense why life is so much harder upon arriving home.

c.) Please pray for me?

i.) Decisions about a big project.

ii.) Decisions about where to live.

iii.) Decisions about after graduation.

i understand if you’ve already got a BIG list.  but if not, i want back on it!


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One response to “and oh!

  1. Good Point! I pray for all my friends when they are on missions, but basically stop when they come home. I will add you back on my list.

    It got me thinking, it must be hard coming back and things over here changing, but when Camille comes back (in India for 2 years) , this country will be more different than you would think.

    Blessings from Rochester while you are not here,

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