This won’t be long, but it will be informative.


Saw Hutton marry his love in Baltimore last weekend.  wedding was beautiful and his new family is awesome.

Weekend involved:

  1. Country music in the punchtatorship mobile down and back.
  2. seeing old old friends and dancing in the non airconditioned little italy place.
  3. asking arricka TWICE to do my hair and feeling pretty.
  4. red sox game at camden yards.  awesome seats and stimulating conversation.
  5. saying bye to friends.
  6. experiencing SHEETZ.


Back at VanDamme, working on stuff for the school and foundation in Kenya, back in grad courses.  Too busy.  overwhelmed.  happy my friends are around but trying to manage hanging out with many of em every night.  If i’ve invited you somewhere then invited six other people, im sorry.  im not sure what to do yet. i love you all.


Surgery in July on my vocal cords.  they put me under, remove the nasty thing, i go home from the hospital and cant speak (or mouth words) for a week.  then i can speak 5 minutes an hour for the next week.  then 10. so three weeks of not talking.  funny, right?

stop laughing now i mean it.

anybody wanna peanut?


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  1. Ha ha sensimina@home ,Prayin4u Bec, u must be fine! Christ loves u and is watchin evry bit..u vocal codes in particular

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