I got 522 points in Scrabble today vs. Becca 2, a g-r-e-a-t p-l-a-y-e-r.

3 different bingos. mom read this article about me in associations now, (which is a BIG deal publication for associations and companies like mine who work WITH nonprofits/associations).  The only thing she mentioned?  “I love how you say you WON at Scrabble.  You’re bragging.  Couldnt you have left that out? it says a lot about who you REALLY are.”

I feel i ought to explain  Monopoly and Scrabble are my talents.  I am also a remarkable thumb wrestler.  I dont feel bad about a.) not being good at games like halo and b.) bragging about board games (since theyre all im really good at and you cant take that away!)

My new online courses are extremely overwhelming. Last quarter, i took the worst online course of my life.  the teacher communicated with us about 7 times and it was the easiest (but scariest) A i’ve gotten in a while

THIS quarter, i expect to spend 12 hours a week on each course.  They have streaming lectures, group assignments, and people actually discuss!  i logged in for my first time and there were already 100 unread discussion messages. terrifying.  i think i’ll learn a lot but have no life (and it is summer too!)

I get daily emails from Africa. These include the following stories:

a.) Henry: the program is going well and only the perseverent guardians and single moms are still around.  They’re meeting and trying to grow the field, which is too dry and without a waterpump, won’t grow a thing for all their hard work.  I think soap-making is going to be the way to go.  They want candy and prayers for the days spent teaching kids and praying together.  Praise: it’s going well.  Prayer: Money and wisdom concerning registering the nonprofit and getting a pump.

b.)  Mathias (who sent back african products for me to sell) is quite desperate for me to sell them ASAP.  He is a pastor who only is paid through selling crafts.  It appears his family (with several smal children) may be kicked out of their house (no rent money) and his church thinks i’ve sent money but i havent sent a penny yet.  Praise: He can email cause he learned computers. Prayer request: basically, theyre losing everything.

c.) Samuel is our headmaster of the school, teacher/admin/pastor. He writes me to let me know about the kids at the school.  I guess they’re doing great and additional kids have been coming.  Then he said his wife (10 hrs away) was in an accident and he has no money to go see her.  😦  She is probably going to die because the medical bill is 35k shillings and he has 10k.

Theres a theme here. Everyone needs money for something.  And i have it too, some, but i dont know to whom or how to send it!

I am overwhelmed about how to sell these things.  Today i talked about it in church and the members offered to help me sell them on saturday (at our chicken bbq!) and promised prayers.

Then an older woman, one so poor she borders on homeless, came over to me and handed me two envelopes.  She said it was for africa.  she kept shrugging and saying “its just, for africa”.  I had specifically said i didnt need more money immediately, but that i needed prayers and help (which she offered to do, door to door).  When i opened the envelopes i found change and another envelope, that said, “Emergency Money Only.”

People surprise me sometimes and make  me want to be so surprising.  I’m working on learning what true beauty is (in our girls’ bible study).  I want to be remembered for being a gorgeous person filled with grace inside.  Unfortunately, i’m the farthest i know from it now–loud, intimidating, boisterous and annoying, rash, and quick.  I think not being able to talk for a month is going to be a really, really great thing (especially for others around me too).

Saturday I managed to clean my room, clean my car, do about 10 assignments (seriously), go to two free cone day friendly’s, get kicked out of the mall (hadnt been in one yet so far this year and dont plan to return anytime in the near future), go to the beach, build a BIG sandcastle for a hedgehog, and see kung fu panda/indiana jones at the drive-in.  Please pray i can stop feeling guilty whenever i have a good day?  You dont need to comment/write and say it’s wrong to and everyone needs a break sometimes–i know.  I just cant seem to make myself believe in it.



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5 responses to “522

  1. anti

    i recommend that you do an in-depth study on grace. it think it will help ALOT.

  2. he he 🙂 heeeeeeeee forgive me am not loughing at you but the devil the downpressor ..in deed you are ‘I want to be remembered for being a gorgeous person filled with grace inside. ‘..but he is whispering to you negatively ..leave him ..his old tricks..he does to many… meee too ..but i stand knowing that ..i am the righeous of God through Christ …i may not qualify in Gods standards but the blood of Jesus qualifies me and you and all that accepts Christ.i have been justified ..through GRACE not works …….you are wonderfull Bec who doesnt know that? …i cant be like you even if i try ….you have extra ordinary Grace to Give …
    by the way
    Christ called us to live lives of radical charity so that when we gave we would expect nothing back.What we do in the material effects the spiritual, and vice versa. God cares a great deal about both, and neglecting one for the other does not spread the Kingdom. Charity is one of those ways that we bring both the physical world and our own hearts into alignment with God’s will.As a matter of fact, Jesus’ basis of judgment at the final judgment seems to be distinctly on our material care of others: feeding, clothing and visiting the least of these His children……smile Bec
    and foeget this statement “Unfortunately, i’m the farthest i know from it now–loud, intimidating, boisterous and annoying, rash, and quick. I think not being able to talk for a month is going to be a really, really great thing (especially for others around me too).”

  3. Dad

    LAWI NAILED IT A+ = 100% (I bet I would like you. Lawi!)
    Thanks. More, as we walk following Master Teacher Jesus, we become more like him every day.

    What a wonderful plan He has for His children. Becca, while you cannot talk, I will be VERY glad you can sign

  4. tanks extraordinary dad 🙂 ….
    Bec you are one a pretty lucky dawta!ur dady is there to inspire and help you spiritually …u knw what tha means?????its amazing milion of yout’ man inadisatime like me struggling to make my mama understand tings bout Jesus..ma grand ma knows bout Jesus and i have bonded with her extraodinarily more than ma mum..:)
    he he he …I know overstand why you used to talk more ’bout how u have an awesome father

  5. Arricka

    Becca, sometimes (most times) I feel the same way about myself regarding the whole loud, talkative, sarcastic, obnoxious thing. Ask me sometime about “gentle and quiet spirit.” I can’t say I have the total answer, but I learned a lot when I did a study on gentleness recently. Grace!

    (And Lawi and your dad are right, too.)

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