everyone likes exotic coasters.

just a point ive been making recently to friends traveling abroad and wanting practical gifts  you can’t go wrong with exotic coasters.  i bought two sets (one for papa and one for my ceo.)  I wish id gotten more, but uh, i do have 3-4 suitcases of merchandise for sale on saturday-see craigslist:


anyway, my house is loud and filled with extra teenagers.  they consume all the food and beverages, leaving me with water and old mushrooms in the fridge.  They’re here for the celtics game and im starting to want the series to be finished.  series?  championship. finals. whatever.

im very tired.  i realized in the beginning of the week (monday!) that if i dont stay on top of my 25 hours of classwork per week, i will fall behind.  so i attempted to stay on top of it (and did!) but i miss people already and there’ll be more of this where all that came from.  schedule: work 8-5, dinner, work on hw til 12.


when possible, i combine dinner with jeoprady.  Concerning me today: i’ve gotten most questions right the past several times ive watched it (unless i was with rachel metzger because she is intimidating).  It scares me how i get the final jeoprady question right every night, from “colonial pennames” to “numbers”.  NUMBERS?!  how could i get it right!?  every contestant got it wrong.  it’s terrifying.  if i had time, i’d go whoop up all over.  hurrah for trivial matters and pointless knowledge!

more bragging about my skills in english and humanities.  someone spank me with words in the comments section.  that is, if you think you can use them as well as i can.

have i ever posted about the sermon i heard by tim keller concerning prayer?  the one that says it’s harder to pray for 30 minutes than preach for 30 minutes?  he says he’s had a few bad sermons, rambled, etc. but NEVER NEVER so bad that he FORGOT he was PREACHING!  thats how hard it is to pray. i do it often (get really distracted) and frankly, i’m sick of it.  all we are as christians is how we are in prayer cause anything else could be a show.  but prayer is between you and God and no one knows how much you do it.

this weekend is a long one.  making bracelets for a mission trip friday night, then selling african crafts at church saturday then fathers day!  workend weather is partly funny with a chance of scattered homework.

p.s. i really hope you all know i’m joking about my skills.  sometimes i trouble use words and soon not speak all.



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3 responses to “everyone likes exotic coasters.

  1. Nic

    The catagory was “Fun with Numbers” and sadly, I did not get it. Not that I ought to know anything about numbers.

    I watch a week worth of Jeopardy on Saturday. I like watching it back to back to back to back to back. Such is life with the DVR.

    Last week: 2/5 on Final Jeopardy

    Thus, I aint gonna argue that I know more than you. If you want to have fun, go to the website http://www.J-archive.com. It is a since that archives all the Jeopardy game, great stuff.

  2. Arricka

    Apparently we pray alike, too.

  3. Arricka

    Probably just goes to show how important it is and how desperately Satan wants to thwart it.

    That’s meant to be encouraging.

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